What are the 2 functions of the Data Link Mac layer?

A.) Handles access to shared media

B.) Manages protocol access to the physical network medium

C.) Provides SAPs for higher level protocols

D.) Allows multiple devices to uniquely identify one another
on the data

link layer

What are the 2 functions of the Data Link Mac layer? A.) Handles access to shared media B.) Ma..

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Answer: A B D

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Select the physical interfaces that PPP can be configured on a Cisco router: A. Asynchronous serial B. HSSI C. ISDN D. Synchronous serial

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take a pen and copy before solving that question there is a router name Ra there is two switch sw1 and sw2 sw1 is coneceted through fa0/1 interface of router Ra sw2 is conected through the fa1/1 serai interface of router s0/1 conected through the isp with it ip address now therer are three host conexted through the sw1 and having ip host1= host2= host3= now there is also 3ree host conected through switch 2 i.e sw2 having ip host4= host 5= host 6= now i think u have made corect confrigation.now questios is started network admin configure the Ra router in that fassion Ra(config)#access-list 2 permit Ra(config)#line vty 0 4 ra(config)#access-class 2 in now question is that why should network admnistratoe do it in this maneer A to give access sw1 host to acess internet B to prevent sw1 host from acessing comand promt c to prevent sw2 host from accessing console of router ra D to give sw2 host access to the enternet e prevent sw1 host from accessing internet f to prevent sw1 host from acessing the sw2 host network isp------(s0/1)..RA..(fa1/1)---SW2-host (4,5,6) | | (sw1)------host 1,2,3 this is not exect digarm but help to derive the diagram plz answer as soon as possible

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GUYS i was refraining the OLD post and i got a good Question and wana make sure that you guys Just did not vist it for answers if you are not Aware google it understand it and then answered it the question is -: Significance of IP helper-address Command on SW? Is it necessary to put this command? you donot wana to give answer please donot visit this question and increase the vistor name if you are thinking that answer is wrong mark it wrong and explain why you are marking it wrong

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