What key do you use to view the last command?

A.) Ctrl+X

B.) Ctrl+Z

C.) Ctrl+E

D.) Ctrl+P

What key do you use to view the last command? A.) Ctrl+X B.) Ctrl+Z C.) Ctrl+E D.) Ctrl+..

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Answer: D

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How many valid host IP addresses are available on the following network/subnetwork? A. 2 B. 30 C. 254 D. 16,382 E. 65,534

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what are two security appliances that can be installed a network

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What type of switching creates variable latency through the switch? A.) Cut-Through B.) Inverted C.) Layer 4 D.) Multiplexed E.) Store and Forward

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How many networks route update does a router recieves in RIP at once ?

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Hi Everyone,i have done b.e. and i am CCNA certified, i am searching jobs related to ccna. Although i don't have experience in networking field, i found very difficult to search job(posted my resume in all job portals). I am very much interested to work in networking field, please guide me, my mail id: karnailthakur@gmail.com; Please let me know any company taking ccna freshers(Preferably delhiNCR location). Thanks guys...

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What are four benefits that can result from applying ISDN networking? (Choose four) A. Full time connectivity across the ISDN is spoofed by Cisco IOS routers using dial on demand routing (DDR) B. Small Once and Home Once sites can be economically supported with ISDN Basic Rate Interface (BRI) servkps C. ISDN replaces Signaling System 7 (SS7) in the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTIC) backbone D. ISDN can be used as a backup service for a leased line connection between the remote and central chaps E. Modem racking and cabling can be eliminated by integration of digital modem cards on Cisco IOS Network Acess Servers (NAS)

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Hi my company network is creating loop and network performence is big slow and also all pc don,t get dhcp ip so pls let me know what is happing in my network.

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hi friends i have a problem.plz solve this. i am working some where and i have the number of swtitch.once my project manger says that we are going to exapnd our number of employ so plz attech an another switch.i asked to my jr network engineer that take a witch and implemnt on that n/w,as he implement the switch on that n/w.thats network get down, plz tell me what is the reason of that.

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Identify 3 ways in which a router can be configured? A.) TFTP B.) Nvram C.) ROM D.) Console E.) Trace

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What three occurrences will reset the holddown timer after a triggered update? A.) Infinity is finally defined as some max number B.) HD Timer expires C.) Another update is received indicating a better metric D.) The router receives a processing task proportional to the number of links in the internetwork E.) The router detects fault LSP's propagating through the internetwork F.) Another update is received indicating net status changed

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What is BGP Synchronization rules?? Can any one explain..???

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What is Cisco's default encapsulation method on serial interfaces? A.) ANSI B.) Cisco C.) Q933a D.) HDLC

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