What key do you use to view the last command?

A.) Ctrl+X

B.) Ctrl+Z

C.) Ctrl+E

D.) Ctrl+P

What key do you use to view the last command? A.) Ctrl+X B.) Ctrl+Z C.) Ctrl+E D.) Ctrl+..

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Answer: D

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How do you disable advanced editing? A.) terminal editing B.) terminal no editing C.) disable editing D.) no terminal editing

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How would you set the clock rate to 64K, on interface serial 0, from the interface configuration mode? A.) clock rate 64000 B.) bandwidth 64 C.) clock 64 D.) rate 64 E.) clock rate 64k F.) clock rate 64

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Identify the 2 characteristics that TCP and UDP share in common? A.) Both use port numbers to identify upper level applications B.) Operate at the Network layer C.) Both are Transport protocols D.) Both are reliable communications

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Given the configuration example: interface ethernet0 ipx network 4a ipx access-group 800 out interface ethernet1 ipx network 3d interface ethernet2 ipx network tc access-list 800 permit 3d 4a Which action result from implementing this configuration? a-Traffic from network 3d for network 4a will be forwarded out e0 b-IPX network 5c will not receive any traffic c-Traffic from network 3d, destined for network 4a, will be forwarded out e2 d-Traffic from network 3d for network 3d will be forwarded out e0

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comparative networking features windows linux

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What command would you use to find out the names of Novell servers on a network? A. show ipx servers B. show ipx hosts C. show ipx sap D. show ipx nodes.

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What is the difference between OSPF Exteral Type 1 (O E1) & External Type 2 (O E2) routes????

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Identify the following command to configure a secret password to 'cisco'? A.) Router(config)#enable password cisco secret B.) Router(config)#enable secret cisco C.) Router(config)#enable secret password cisco D.) Router(config)#set secret = cisco

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What is the default LMI type? A.) Cisco B.) ANSI C.) IETF D.) Q933a

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Which statement about Ethernet networks is true? A. The advantage of a full duplex is the ability to transmit data over 111 cable B. Full duplex Ethernet requires a point-to-point connection when only two nodes are present C. Ethernet switches can use full duplex mode to connect multiple nodes to a single pod of a switch D. Half duplex is a cut through packet processing method that is vow fast little error correction Full duplex is a store and forward method that is slower but has better error correction

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hi... i am a beginner to CCNA... i find it hard understandin collision domain n broadcast domain.. please don tell me the definition.. i read the definitions many times... i need a more detailed explanation... like whn i read the definition it sounds simple... but i don understand whn they say it like a hub has one collision domain and one broadcast domain... and if collisions happen inside collision domain... i am confused... please help me... :(

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Given the command 'cl?', what will it display? A.) Syntax of the 'clock' command B.) Syntax of the 'clear' command C.) All commands that begin with 'cl' D.) All commands that begin with 'c'

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