solution for the question: NOON+MOON+SOON=JUNE, each alphabet
represents the number. what is the answer? what does JUNE

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Answer / sutha.k.s


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Answer / biraj borah

hi all ,
the answer is 9326 !!!

Reason ::
N o o n
M o o n
S O O n
J u n e

Now lets start with Adding o + o + o = n (with a carry
forward because o + o + o = u in next line - That means
there is a carry in the first O + O + O = n )-
Interestingly this carry cannot be more than 2 (General
mathematics as max carry is from 9+9+9 which is 2 ) So it
is 1 or 2 !!!

As O + O + O = n with a carry that means o starts from min
4 to get a carry !!! lets take it as 4
4 + 4 + 4 = 2 (carry 1)
you get n =2 (say for now ) now if we take n + n + n = e
we get e = 6 !!
so we get e = 6 and n = 2
so O is 4 even if u try taking O some thing else than 4 u
wont get the desired result (try it out by urself)

so u = O + O + O + 1(carry )
so u = 3

the last is N + M + S = J
we have got
1( carry ) + N +M +S = J
now N=n= 2 ;
so 3 + M+ S = J
now j <= 9 (as provided)
M != O (it makes no sense eg 0998 or 0663 rather it would
be 663 !!)
S != 0
M != 2,3,4 because these are N,U,O
same for S
Both cannot be greater than 5 (as we have to get a number
<9 )
so one of them will be 1 !!!! and other will be 5 !!!
hence ans is 9326 !!!!!!!!!!!

*NOte taking M = O or S = O we can also solve it as
with N=8 ,O=2,U=6,e=4
(use the same logic above )

Thanks !!!!!!!!!!

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Answer / girish br

June represents No.6

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Answer / sadiquehussain

The answer posted by Biraj Borah is correct and I also found this Youtube URL which sows detail answer to this question.

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