A man gets x/y of Rs.10 and y/x of Rs.10. He returns
Rs.20. The Answer choices are
a) He may not lose
b) He may lose
c) He always loses
d) Cannot be Determined

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A man gets x/y of Rs.10 and y/x of Rs.10. He returns Rs.20. The Answer choices are a) He may not ..

Answer / sweety

x and y can be equal to 1..
If so,then he gets 1/1 of Rs.10 which is equal to 10 and
again 1/1 of Rs.10=Rs.10..so,he gets total of 20..and
returns 20..so,no gain and no loss..

If x=1,y=2,he gets, 5+20=25..and returns 20..so he may not

So,whatever be the values of x and y,only these two answers
are possible..

so its a)He never loses..

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A man gets x/y of Rs.10 and y/x of Rs.10. He returns Rs.20. The Answer choices are a) He may not ..

Answer / v venu gopal

He is returning 20 rupees back so, after the 10x/y he should
have less than 30 to lose. and equal to 30 to no loss and gain
more than 30 for gain....
so our 10x/y = 30 => no loss and gain
> => gain
< => loss

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