What is CIDR?

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What is CIDR? ..

Answer / sonu singh

CIDR stand for Classless Inter Domain Routing, is also known
as supernetting .CIDR is a new addressing scheme for the
Internet which allows for more efficient allocation of IP
addresses than the old Class A, B, and C address scheme.

In router we get :- routes.
CIDR aggregate these routes to route ,one
route that represent the all four /24 route..
cidr as very importent for internet routers because it
reduce the routing table space.

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What is CIDR? ..

Answer / thasthageer

classless inter domain routing

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What is CIDR? ..

Answer / ramesh

cidr notation means for e.g the 10 is a cidr
notation .its used to how many number of network will be

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What is CIDR? ..

Answer / manish sharma

HI jitendera

please Do not go away from this site .Do you know why i am
asking like beacuse due to yours answer posted on this site
is helped me to get the job in the networking filed.

Thank you again

Manish sharma

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What is CIDR? ..

Answer / vikram

Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR)

There are diff classes of ip address A(1-126) ,B(128 -
191),C(192 - 223),D(224 - 247)and e (248 - 255) so when u
have a ip address it is alsways in one of thes class.. how
ever lets take a scinerio .. say we have a office where we
need 500 comp and u need to assign ip address to them . ull
choose a class ip adress which hails from (1-126) .. good to
go.... but ull b able to gv 500 diff ip address but ull
waste rest of them .. so in order tosave ip address
classless ip address is used.. where in u dont consider
class as a factor .. .... supernetting also comes into
picture here.. hope this explains u the topic however it a
very broad topic cant be expianed without numbers ...

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What is CIDR? ..

Answer / jitendera sinha

HI all
it is good time to go away from this site.now i will be not
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providing answer ither it was wrong or wright.

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