What is bia?

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Switching methods include cut-through, store and forward, and a modified version of the first two methods. Which statement about switching methods is true? A. The store and forward method has low latency B. The cut through method of switching has high latency C. The modified version holds the packet in memory until 50 percent of the packet reaches the switch D. The modified version holds the packet in memory until the data spoon of the packet reaches the switch

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hi friend i am stuck in the big problem.this problem is regading pix firewall. i have a cisco pix 515e firewall inmy company.now when i configure it and after rebooting it the ACT link never getup.when i apply clear config all comand the ACT link get up after oveservation i see that there is fauilover problem when i apply failover active ACT link agin get up is there any way to get my firewall in standby mode rember that there is only on firewall within my n/w i am lookig towards all of you jitendera kumar sinha

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what hapeen we we configure default root on the router which is conected by isp supoese there are two router r1 is conected throug isp and and by s0 r1 is conexted to r2 if we apply degault root on r1 what will happen

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What is the maximum value of administrative you can use?

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What is the terminal emulation?

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What are characteristics of UDP A. It is reliable and acknowledged B. It is unreliable and acknowledged C. It is reliable and unacknowledged D. It is unreliable and unacknowledged

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Name the command we give if router ios stucked?

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Identify the protocol to test connectivity without configuring any layer 3 protocols? A.) TCP B.) Ping C.) IP D.) CDP E.) Telnet

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1) How a router established a neighbor relation ship in ospf

1 Answers   Infosys,

whats the routing protocol supporting in both juniper , cisco routers.

10 Answers   HCL,

What are 10base2 ethernet lans?

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What is the cladding?

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