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The system of VAT is applicable to

(1) Income tax

(2) Estate duty

(3) Taxes on agricultural income

(4) Excise duties

The system of VAT is applicable to (1) Income tax (2) Estate duty (3) Taxes on agricultural..

Answer / guest

( 4 ) Excise duties

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Who built the temple of Thousand Pillars of Hanuma Konda? (a) Rudrama Devi (b) Ganapathideva (c) Pratapa Rudra Deva-I (d) Pola Raja-II

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. The author of Raj Tarangini was (1) Jaidev (2) Bhavabhuti (3) Ban Bhatt (4) Kalhan

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. Name of the method in which different colours are used to represent various features of elevation of the ground? (1) Contours (2) Hachures (3) Layer Shading (4) Millibars

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Camphor left on a plate exposed to air disappears because (1) it evaporates (2) it reacts with the gases in the atmosphere (3) it reacts with the plate and dissolves (4) it undergoes chemical decomposition

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How many states are there in India? (1) Fifteen (2) Twenty-one (3) Twenty-five (4) Twenty-eight

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I am writing DAO exam,gov appsc exams is first attempt for me. so please guide me how to prepare and which books i have to refer for studying.finally tell me the syllabus and the pattern of the exam.

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. The Indian industries have never suffered from: (1) Power shortage (2) Shortage of raw materials (3) Transportation bottlenecks (4) Decrease in demand

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