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. Author of ‘Manucharitram’

(1) Tikkana

(2) Peddana

(3) Nandi Timmana

(4) Tenali Ramakrishna

. Author of ‘Manucharitram’ (1) Tikkana (2) Peddana (3) Nandi Timmana (4) Tenali Ram..

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( 2 ) Peddana

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Hi,is there any institute for group 2 in mehdipatnam? plzzz help me out..

0 Answers  

. Which place in India gets the highest rainfall? (1) Assam (2) Kerala (3) Madras (4) Meghalaya

4 Answers  

Bairam Khan was Akbar’s General who defeated Hemu. In which of the following wars was Hemu defeated at the hands of Bairam Khan? (1) First Panipat War (2) Second Panipat War (3) The war of Buxar (4) The war of Chittorgarh

2 Answers  

Rigvedic Aryans used to worship: (a) Nature (b) Pasupati (c) Lady (d) Suryadeva

1 Answers  

. Grass lands of South Brazil are known as (1) Champas (2) Pampas (3) Downs (4) Veld

1 Answers  

i am first time writting ASo exam could you send the model paper

0 Answers   Bank Of India, United Bank of India,

Gautama Buddha belonged to …… dynasty (a) Sakya (b) Jataka (c) Salankayana (d) None

2 Answers  

Raja Rama Mohan Roy established the organization known as (a) Aryasamaj (b) Brahma Samaj (c) Sati Samaj (d) None

1 Answers  

The Qutub Shahi ruler who was defeated by Krishnadevaraya was (a) Subhan Quli (b) Jamshed Quli (c) Ibrahim Quli (d) Quli Qutub Shah

1 Answers  

Which of the following classes in ancient India did not give support to Buddhism and Jainism? (1) Brahmanas (2) Kshatriyas (3) Vaishyas (4) Sudras

1 Answers  

. The highest savings is recorded by: (1) Household sector (2) Private sector (3) Banking sector (4) Public sector

2 Answers  

when will be the Group IV Exams? how can we prepare?

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