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hi friend my name is rahul.i completed my 10 standard in
the year of 2002 then after i left the school and involved
in the agriculture with my dad.i completed my 12th standard
in the year of i want to continue my study,i hav
7.0 band in ielts.i want to go to usa for my further it possible for me to get the visa,with the gap of
5 year after 10th standard.i am looking forward ur help
friend.please suggest me something.

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hi friend my name is rahul.i completed my 10 standard in the year of 2002 then after i left the sc..

Answer / termminatorskynet1210

My dear friend,
I really admire your zeal and passion towards studies....
7.0 band in ilets...i really dont know what that is...
but i know 1 thing, if u really have a burning desire to do
anything,it will be achieved....give it a shot! may be who
knows...u'll succeed!
All da best!


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hi friend my name is rahul.i completed my 10 standard in the year of 2002 then after i left the sc..

Answer / kiran

hi rahul getting visa is entirly depends on time u went to
interview nt at all ur gap and all so better try once be
confident and prepare good resons for ur gap like
convincing manner k all the best

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why usa?.

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what is your course there?

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