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What are the treatment & implications in case interstate
sales transaction if party is not registered (Individual or
other then individual)

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how many types of sale tax returns?

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i want to leanr the TDS on Salaries and TDS rates

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what is H Form

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Hi, I am working in MNC, I Want to Know about TDS. What is Deposit date of TDS for all categaries & Which challan or Form What is date of Submit tds return quarterly for in a Company & Which form fill up

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What are the streamlined sales and use tax agreement?

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what is FBT?

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Dear friends, How can we get refund of WCT?

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what do you mean by self-assesment tax &advance tax . hoe it can differentiate?

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What do you mean by vat, vat registration total cost hydra bad in which places

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why issue c form? what is procedure of issuing 'c' form?

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when company issue c form to the seller it has to issue full amount of purchases or it has to deduct the 2% of cst amt Ex; purchase for rs.10000/- which includes 40 cst we have to issue c form for rs.9960 or we have to issue for rs.10000/- which one is correct

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What is the different types of rates of TDS for different Catogaries of services.

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