explain the type of contraints

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explain the type of contraints..

Answer / reva ram sahu

constraint is a rule which can not be voilated by end users.
Different types of constraints are available.They are:-
1)default constraint:-which is used to define a default
2)primary key:-the key which does not allows duplication
and null values.
3)foreign key:-the key used to refer primary key defined
field in another table and it allows duplication.
4)null:-which allows NULL values.
5)not null:-which does not allows NULL values.
6)unique key:-which does not allows duplication but allows
NULL values.

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explain the type of contraints..

Answer / surya

Constraints are used to provide the scope to table data...
they are..
Primary key
unique key
not null
foriegn key

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explain the type of contraints..

Answer / anand

primary constraint
check constraint
notnull constraint
foreign key constraint

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