What do you mean by custodian/Depository, & what are the
different types of Depository? (NSDL/CDSL)

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What is life ?

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i want to know the procedure of Tds ledger in tally for Event management co,s means procedure of creating TDS ledgers and how to know the outstandigs of Tds payable and Receivables plz guide me.........

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how to do the recurring entries or steps to follow that

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plz send me the apptitude question papers of bank of america.

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when calculating for np% do i include interest or do i take it off

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what is reorder quantity and what is reorder Lavale?

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how to entery pass in tally when items damage(items insured)and claim to insurance co.

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Expand ________DIPP

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What are the golder rules of Accounts ?

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