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Where do you want to see yourself three years down the lane?

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Where do you want to see yourself three years down the lane?..

Answer / waheed bhat


This question, or ones similar, always gets me. Where do I
want to be in 5 years? I believe they're looking to see if I
make goals and what I will do to reach them, but the problem
with this question is I dont have a five year goal.

When I get this question, I straight up tell them I dont
have a specific plan. I dont like to make long term plans
like that because too much could happen between now and then
that will change that plan. I mean maybe something else will
pop up that interests me a lot more and I will go after
that. I like to leave things up open, and take the
oppertunities as they come to me.

Do you think that turns employers off? I just feel like they
want more of a "I want to be in Company A doing position C
and will achieve that by doing D F and O."

What do you think?

Thanks for any advice.

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Where do you want to see yourself three years down the lane?..

Answer / kishore

i would like to see myself as team leader or as senior
excutive after 5 years

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Where do you want to see yourself three years down the lane?..

Answer / jagathesh&achu


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