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Why the goverment give tax reduction benifit when purchase
and sales from one state to another state under 'C' form ?

Why the goverment give tax reduction benifit when purchase and sales from one state to another sta..

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very simple ...this for economical growth

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I've bought goods from other state at 2% for trading. What is the rate, I've to charge for my customers?

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If I want loan upto Rs.500000/- from bank. so how much capital show in my balancesheet. please help me.

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the amount of tds is remain same shall will be deducted by deductor or deductee

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how can i(accoutant) file tds,vat,service tax,salestax,business it returns?

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current sales tax rate of company in India.

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Sir, I attended infrastructure company but my question is For example: Basic value- 100000 sevice tax 14500 total bill value 114500 What is the tds amount?

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HOW TO SOLVE T-FV-1019 Invalid File Format

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if a company give salary Rs- 6000 and incentive Rs- 4000 julyy month then TDS will deduct by the company from employee account or not.

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if i allow to deduct tds to another company from my income, in which situation i can getback from govt. is it possible to get back this tds amount?

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We have a constructed a goverment approved textile park in year 2007. will we have to pay Service Tax on that Construction Service?

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(1)what is last date of monthly TDS challan deposit (2) what is last date of TDS quarterly Return filling

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