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I im 42 year old
i have been 2 times rejected in last 10 year for us visa
during 10 year. i have visited uk 2 times, europe 2 times,
caneda single time dubai single time swiss 2 times and far
east 3 time like singapore, malesia, bangkok during 10 year
so can i appier 3 rd time visiter visa in us with my family

I im 42 year old i have been 2 times rejected in last 10 year for us visa during 10 year. i ha..

Answer / nrnayee


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I am a Musician hadbeen to USA 3 times on P3 visa anc came i would like to go USA on tourist friends are there and i will bear my to and fro tickets and rest of my friends,so do i need of any letter from friend from USA

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How U stay long at US

2 Answers   US Consulate,

Then who will look after the property in your absence?

3 Answers  

hi, i was rejected b1b2 visa on being single ,now i'v reapplied for the visa afta a month as im engaged n showing a wedding card stating my weddings at the end of this year guarantee any success with the visa approval ?

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I have both the C1/D visa and the B1/2 visa, which were granted on the same date and will expire on the same date. I no longer work for the airline anymore; will I still be able to use the B1/2 to enter the US? As a tourist? Thanks

0 Answers   Cathay Pacific,

I am holding B2 US visa,the reason which i got the visa was to attend a religious activity taking place, i could not attend that one. I have my visa valid for another 3 months. Can i go to US just for visiting purpose. What r the documents do i need to produce at immigration check.

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Hi good people after I have been denied the us visa 2012 for the organization conference, my best friend invited me with litter to visit her 2013 and I was also denied for that am wondering if I can still apply for us visa again .

0 Answers   United Nations World Food Programme(wfp),

I have B1/B2 visa. I am needing to go to US soon and will have to take my 5 years old son too. Right now, my son doesn't have any US visa. I wish to know the procedure of getting visa in his case.

0 Answers   US Consulate,

I have got 5yrs multiple B1/B2 visa. I have visited USA in Aug10 alone. Now i am planing to visit again with my wife young daughter of 4months age. What are the documents do i need for now? What question my wife can expect from Visa officer on the day of interview ?

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Hi; My aunt just got an interview at a US consulate in Dominican Republic and she was denied a visa in less than 2 minutes; the only question they asked was about her salary and she said was RD$20,000.00 (equivalent to around %575.00 US Dollars. she has all needed papers showing that she is financially good to pay for her trip but the officer was not satisfied with her salary. What should we do to get her a visa. actually she is a partner of the company that she works for but we need advise about this problem. thanks enrique

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Have you visited UK?

1 Answers   Sutherland,

My fiancy(2 years back we got engagement and we planned to marry in next year), on vacation he is back to india and also he went to usa recentlty. now he is home sick he is unable to focus on his work he is sending all the the documents for b2 much chance to get visa .can any one help me what questions they will ask me

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