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1. can u explain about testing levels and its type with

2. First explain about both testing.then difference B/W
sanity and smoke testing?

3. Explain about integration , functional , system testing?

4. what are methods use to writing test cases?

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1. can u explain about testing levels and its type with example? 2. First explain about both te..

Answer / sampath

Sanity testing: Santity testing is done in the intial stage
to decide whether the application is stable or not.

Smoke testing: Testing main functionalites of the
application to decide nothing is broken

Integartion testing: Intergation testing is nothing but
module testing. After intreation the differnt modules
testing is done to know all the modules are intergated with
out giving any errors.

Functional testing: Checking the functionality of the
entire application

system testing: End to End testing of the entire build.

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1. can u explain about testing levels and its type with example? 2. First explain about both te..

Answer / dinesh shende

Testing levels describes levels of testing from Initial
stage to end stage.Their are 4 Test Levels.

1)Component Testing
2)Integration Testing
3)System Testing
4)Acceptance Testing

When dev. developes the code he need to perform Componenet
testing it is the 1 st test level.when all componenet
developes for the particular application dev has to
integrate different component with different system.and
test is 2nd level.In 3 rd level we need to take whole
system under test.and perform functional and non functional
testing.and last 4 th level is Acceptance testing.When we
get 0 defects in system testing we deliver the application
to the client.He performs final level of testing that
is "Acceptance Tesing"

Smoke Testing:In smoke testing we check that all modules
are working fine.If any module is not working problem and
it is showing that further testing is not possible then we
stop testing process and we send back that application to
dev. team saying that further testing is not possible.It
saves testing time.

Sanity Testing:It is normal health check of the
application.We check that all functions are working
fine.and application is ready for further testing like
Functional ,integration system test.

Integration Testing:In integration we take more than one
module at a time and check the behaviour of the has 3 types Top Down Integration,Bottom Up
Integration and Big Bang.
i)In top down integration we test from High level module to
low level model.
ii)Bottom Up Integration:In this we start testing from low
level module to high level module.
iii)Big Bang:In this we take combination of module like
software and hardware,or hardware and different operating
system and test it.

System Testing:In system testing we take whole system under
test.It has 2 types 1)Functional 2)Non Functional

1)Functional Testing:We check main functionality of the
application which is mentioned in SRS.

2)Non Functional Testing:we check more than client includes

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