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What is the difference between cisco pix and cisco ASA ?

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What is the difference between cisco pix and cisco ASA ?..

Answer / lingam

6. Difference between PIX and ASA

Cisco PIX:

Ø Is a dedicated hardware firewall appliance

Ø Act as a Stateful packet filtering firewall.

Ø Use PIX operating system similar in interface to
Cisco IOS .

Ø Use PIX Device Manager (PDM) for a graphical

Ø Provide stateful firewall protection and IP Security
(IPSec) VPN capabilities

Ø To ensure the security PIX use inside interface ,
outside interface etc concepts

Ø Pix running in 6.3 v

Ø Not supported WebVPN

Ø Not support Transparent Firewall, Security Context
and Modular Policy


Cisco ASA:

Ø Is firewall and anti-malware security appliance

Ø The Enterprise Editions include four versions:
Firewall, IPS, Anti-X, and VPN.

Ø ASA can also serve as an intrusion prevention system
(IPS) and VPN concentrator.

Ø Also covers new threats to a network like viruses,
worms, unwanted applications (e.g., P2P, games, instant
messaging), phishing, and application-layer attacks.

Ø Act as an “all-in-one” device—or a unified threat
management (UTM) device

Ø ASA running in 7.2 v

Ø Supporting Web VPN

Ø Supporting Transparent Firewall, Security Context and
Modular Policy


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What is the difference between cisco pix and cisco ASA ?..

Answer / shankar

PIX works with PIX OS,ASA works with cisco IOS(7.2.2)
both are stateful firewalls default PIX support
stateful inspection,but ASA needs CSC-SSM Module to support .

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