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Hi all... I finished BCA. Now, iam in testing team but i
would like to work in developing team. Will u pls suggest
me, which course can i study to enter into developing

Hi all... I finished BCA. Now, iam in testing team but i would like to work in developing team. Wi..

Answer / satya

Hi, This question is there in many testers mind. a typical
question. First let me clarify two things.
1) You are from computers Background.
2) I am not sure since how long you are in testing. Assume
say one year or more.

With the above two factors, I suggest try doing Test
automations in your existing project. If the project is not
allowing you to do so, You need to think out of box what
else you can in your project and just do the automation
part of the manual work. This will give two benefits two
you, the initial learning curve of development projects +
work satisfaction with you have achieved more than what you
are doing at project.

Ofcourse, you need to do little extra effort to ahieve the
above, but in computers result is not free but little
expensive as well ;).

For you to go into development stream, the above excersize
is necessary. Later you have to choose a path, DBA, System
Programming, Applicatioin programming, Framework
Development, Web development, Test automations , and other
technologies on Data mining etc., you can also choose some
areas of interest to keep your self aligned to a domain if
possible. A long way to go.

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