What is the rate of penalty charged when the given Vat
Cheque dishonoured?

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how to enter in tally propritor has withdrawl cash from the business

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what is accounting rules

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in reply of sreedapa answer ,suppose for the m/o march telephone expense is Rs.800 and for the m/o april Rs.200 For this we will pass tthis entry : Telephone expenses Dr 800 To Tel expenses payable 800 Telephone Expenses Payable Dr 800 to Bank/cash 800 (For the m/o march) And for the m/o april, we will make the provision in the m/o March Telephone expenses Dr. 200 To Telephone Expenses Payable 200 Plz advice

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How to Entered The Entry if insurance Claim Recovered of four Wheeler and entry entered in personal Account so give me The entry of insurance claim recovered.

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my brother is out of country i have lost his bank passbook when i was going to bank for the entries is their essential to take duplicate pass book can my brother is present for this.

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Mobile on Rupees 2000 purchase for office use not for staff....What entry in accounts..?????

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A has to pay to B Rs. 10000 but C pay pay Rs. 10000 to B on behalf of A. What will be the journal entry in all the three persons.

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what are GAAP items and examples of such?

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What is Tally

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why don't we take cash and bank accounts into realisation a/c

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what is the difference between cheque dishounerd and cheque bounced?

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What do you mean by material facts in accounting?

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