What is the rate of penalty charged when the given Vat
Cheque dishonoured?

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What is the TDS rate in Maharastra, Tamil Nadu, Karnakata,Odisha & West Bengal. What is about Profession Tax.

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What is the difference between Economics and Finance?

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What Entery Should Made When Godown Rent Paid in Advance At The Time Of Agreement.Transation Is as Below * Rent Paid To XYZ (OWNER OF PROPERTY) For Running Month. * One Month Rent In Advance Tenent will Always pay rent amt 1st of every month. How can we do entry every month and How can party's a/c will due on ending every month. How can party a/c Show ADVANCE RENT. Please enter every entery including JV. With time when it is necessary.

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what is the nature of profit and loss approprition account.which entity prepare this.

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what is Schedule-2 in Balance Sheet.

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How to calculate ESI Please define what include in basic salary and what should be excluded from basic salary

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what is accounting rules

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How to pass entry for fllowing instance in tally or journal entry: Imported goods worth Rs.17,000/-.Invoice value is Rs.17000/- (its incl. Rs.6,000/- freight), duty for this is Rs.4500/- (its seperate).Kindly tel me how to pass entry for the above?

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What is Journal Entry of Depreciation ?

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An importer import some goods @10,000 us dollar on cif basis following dollar rates avilable on the date of presentention of bill entry.(1) Rbi floor rate 46.35,(2) rate notify by CBE AND C under section 14(3)(a)(i)of custom act Rs.46.55 (3) Rate at which bank has reliased the payment from importer Rs.46.58, what will be assessable valu according to custom act?

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In excise one dealer gives us two invoice. one is only tax invoice and other is duplicate for transporter.and both are are the different serial no so in which bill is posted in accoounting transactions.

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parent company loss deduct from subsidiary company proft

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