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"U2" has a concert that starts in 17 minutes and they must
all cross a bridge to get there. All four men begin on the
same side of the bridge. You must help them across to the
other side. It is night. There is one flashlight. A
maximum of two people can cross at one time. Any party who
crosses, either 1 or 2 people, must have the flashlight with
them. The flashlight must be walked back and forth, it
cannot be thrown, etc. Each band member walks at a
different speed.

A pair must walk together at the rate of the slower man's pace:
Bono: 1 minute to cross
Edge: 2 minutes to cross
Adam: 5 minutes to cross
Larry: 10 minutes to cross

For example: If Bono and Larry walk across first, 10 minutes
have elapsed when they get to the other side of the bridge.
If Larry then returns with the flashlight, a total of 20
minutes have passed and you have failed the mission. Notes:
There is no trick behind this. It is the simple movement of
resources in the appropriate order.

"U2" has a concert that starts in 17 minutes and they must all cross a bridge to get ther..

Answer / janeel

Bono and Edge go over, Bono comes back = 3 minutes
Larry and Adam go over, Edge comes back = 12 minutes
Bono and Edge come back = 2 minutes


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