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Whether Luxury Tax is applicable for ICU Bed charges..

Whether Luxury Tax is applicable for ICU Bed charges....

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The company has to pay transportation charges for transporting its materials. The company has not remitted the TDS on the same within due date. Is this expenses to be disallowed in STI. This expenses is directly considered on valuation of closing stock.

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what is meant by MIS reporting?

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i want current year tax deduction source please let me know?

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what is bank reconcillation statment,balance sheet,thumb rules of accounts,depreciation?

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Hi Kindly provide the current slab for profession tax in karnataka and due date for remittance the profession tax

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Dear sir, Please explain, Suppose I am not adjusted entire year the Input Tax Credit for sales tax related. Sales tax authority will return back the ITC Amount suppose not claiming not adjusted, it is possible or other wise that amount shall I carry forward next year?

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About "H"form

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What is TDS and why we deduct it?

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What is the rate of TDS for commission?

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if there is no express contract between parties,but makes no. of payments to a particular party and those payments exceeds the limits prescribed(i.e 20000 or 50000 as the case may be)is tds applicable for the same?

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What is Assesment Year

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