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As per the news report, the FDI limit in private banks in
India is likely to be raised from the current percent to
percent shortly.

1 62% to 75%

2 49% to 74%

3 51% to 49%

4 26% to 74%

As per the news report, the FDI limit in private banks in India is likely to be raised from the cur..

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(2) 49% to 74%

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Which of the following is not a salient feature of our Constitution ? a) A Parliamentary form of government b) A Sovereign Democratic Republic c) Contains Directive Principles of State Policy

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As compared to 1995-96, the coal production in India during 1996-97 registered a growth of about?. 1 3% 2 4% 3 4.5% 4 6%

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The author of Nil Darpan is (1) Ananda Mohan Ghose (2) Dina Bandhu Mitra (3) Sharat Chandra Chatterjee (4) Munshi Premchand

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India is a: (a) Secular State (b) Bilingual State (c) Communist State (d) Capitalist State

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In which of the following States the yield of forest wealth per acre is highest? (a) Uttar Pradesh (b) Madhya Pradesh (c) Kerala (d) Assam

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Layakari in Kathak dance is: (a) mimetic recital (b) lightning-quick foot movement (c) accompanying musical instrument (d) multi-coloured mask worn by the dance performer

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Which of the following is most important of the growth of children upto the age of 14? (1) Protein (2) Vitamins (3) Fat (4) Milk

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In crustaceans (i.e.crabs, shrimps & sea fish etc.) the metallic base of the respiratory pigment is made up of 1 Iron 2 Copper 3 Magnesium 4 Potassium

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The famous Ramappa temple at Palampeta was built by (1) Ganapati Deva (2) Recherla Rudra (3) Jayapa Nayaka (4) Mallikarjuna Nayaka

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As per RBI?s estimates, the agricultural products constitute about what per cent of the Gross Domestic Product? 1 20% 2 25% 3 29% 4 313%

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Name 5 countries that adopted the 3 Ideals of Liberty, Equality & Fraternity. If possible 2 lines on each country on how & why it adopted the same.

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Kabir, Kalidasa and Tansen Sammans are given by: (a) Lalit Kala Akademi (b) Sahitya Akademi (c) MP Government (d) Govt. of India

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