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who is your best friend and why?

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who is your best friend and why? ..

Answer / anurag sen

Best friend...????

i don't think there is any best friend in this world.....

all are selfish, and ya we can have bunch of friends, so we can make our entertainment everyday, share our problems,
they can make us always laugh, take care etc.

but if i die, There will be no frnd, who will take care of my family............

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who is your best friend and why? ..

Answer / saurav

officer i think my best friend is my rahul ahuja .
he is very caring and intelligent .we use to study together
and discuss all our problems ....

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who is your best friend and why? ..

Answer / jgn

My best friend is my colleague .Her name is Krishna.She is
very talkative,smart & helpful person.She is my best friend
because she use to help me in my studies,help me to tackle
my problems .She is very loving & caring friend.

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who is your best friend and why? ..

Answer / avinash

my best friend is siddh, because we think about any topic
same to same and our nature is also same.

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who is your best friend and why? ..

Answer / guest

"Probably the most neglected friend you have is you. And
yet every man, before he can be a true friend to the world,
must first become a friend to himself.” because As a good
friend to yourself, you stop doubting yourself. You like
yourself. You expect you will succeed. So my best friend is
my own self and i really Take care for myslef.......

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who is your best friend and why? ..

Answer / guest

my best friend is sachin tomer becoz alot of qualities he
had is highly appreciable ,in one word he is a gentleman

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who is your best friend and why? ..

Answer / vipin

Sir, I have a large number of friends, Rahul is my best friend. We have been together since childhood, and went to school and college together. He is a cheerful person, helpful friend, good sportsperson and shoulders responsiblity.

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