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What is Bank ?

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What is Bank ?..

Answer / pradeep gunuguntla

Bank is a financial institution. which is licensed to accept
deposits from the general public and which also provides loans.

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What is Bank ?..

Answer / murugesh

A Bank means lending money to the public & accepting
deposits form the public.

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What is Bank ?..

Answer / prasad rane

I think BANK stands for: B: Borrowing A: Accepting N:
Negotiating K: Keeping

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What is Bank ?..

Answer / thimmappa poojari

Banks are authrised ( by Reserve banks/govt) Financial
institutions which accepts deposits from general public,
firms, companies etc & channels those money into lending
activities under specified guidelines so helps the smooth
functioning of all financial transactions of individual /
business/any concerned / economy as a whole.

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What is Bank ?..

Answer / mayur chavare

Bank is Finacial Inestitutions which follws RBI Bak Rule
and pravides the loan

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What is Bank ?..

Answer / triloksharma71

Bank is A Mediater.

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