Accounting Interview Questions
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What is asset revaluation reserve and how is it treated in the books of accounts


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I have raised and rendered services in Nepal and received the TDS Certificate in Nepal Currency Can i cliam this TDS in India ? or Nepal /

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what is capital budgetting?

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what is IPO

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what is convectional audit

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IF WE PAY AUDITOR FEE FOR INCORPORATION WORK THEN UNDER WHAT GROUP IT COMES IN TALLY. 2. any other audit fee we paid suppose at the time of financal report preparing then it will comes at the same group or any other

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Sir, My mother has got a sum of money about 5 lacs in the form of pension arrears. Will she have to pay the income tax on this amount which is deposited in her bank account & if it is then please suggest me to save the tax at maximum possible.

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whether securities premium includede in calculation of Net Worth.

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what is derivative?

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what is mutualfund?

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what points we can tell in the self introduction round?

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What is mean by authorized capital of company.?


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what is mean by paidup capital.?

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what rate is entry tax is it same for all states

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Our Company dedduct TDS on the collection charge and claim (rate diff claim, scheme claim, collection charge means , if any party take material directly form our store our company give them frieght charge and deduct tds@10.30%). my question in what category of this type of TDS decution ? is it payment to contractor or what ?


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is it possible that on dealer of work contract can opt composition and non-composition both scheme in dvat?


What is mean by error of submission? can u plz provide notes on this?


Define each Flexfeild qualifiers (natural accounts, balancing acc., secondary tracking, cost center)


How can deduct tds from auction cases (timber)


who will able to deduct the tds


Short Answer on ______Amortization


When & how vat audit takes Place in haryana. Is Scrutiny & vat audit is same?


how to deduct tds on income from other sources with examples


Can we use ST-38 outward form for a sale of Rs-100000/- with in the state i.e haryana




Dear sir, mu question is that can one lunch (Tiffin) provider person mention both vat or service tax on his bill. pls. give me answer. EXPLAIN BRIEFLY.


Can someone tell me about SAP FI/CO test questions?WHat are the main things we must know?


dear i want basic a\C's oriented question. these are asking in mostly all mnc companies


procedure to get Raw Material free of excise duty under Central Excise Act,