Banking Finance Interview Questions
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differnce between the authorised capital,subscribed capital.isuued capital and paid up capital?


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what is the difference between term deposits,bonds & debentures?


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Definition of financial leverage?

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if i take finnance major then why m want job in marketing why not in finnace.


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i take finance as major and marketing as minor . when i gone for marketing interview then they put question from me.if m interested in marketing job why i opt finance as major why not marketing.


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What are the difference between and


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what is the difference b/w interest & markup?


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what is the difference b/w consumer & customer?

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What the Journal entry for Amortization

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Where Closing stock will reflect in balance sheet?

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what is full form of nifty?

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Tell me about yourself in variety way

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how to calculate the p/v ratio, break even point and the margin of safety ratio when following statements are given. sales(1,00,000 units @ Rs.10/-) 10,00,000 Variable costs 5,00,000 contribution 5,00,000 Fixed costs 3,00,000 Net Profit 2,00,000


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what is the difference between operating and net operating profit per share

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Tell me what is gross profit and net profit?


What Is Beta Of An Asset?


Recently what award has been given to SBI?


Name some projects in which government has to make public expenditure?


What is Company Limitted by Shares?


What Is Money Laundering?


What Are The Different Types Of Loans Offered By Banks?


What is a demand draft?


What points are covered in the 'annual financial statement'?


What are limited liability companies?


What is moratorium?


What motivates you to do your best while working?


What is a stale cheque?


What is FPI?


What do you mean by cin and what specification does it contain?