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Banking Finance Interview Questions
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Case- XYZ ltd an IT company is not an MNC based in the USA. ABC ltd an IT company is an MNC based in Germany. The Germany company wants takeover the USA company.When the ABC ltd scans XYZ ltd company's financial statements it shows profit (no fraud or infringement was made in accounts of XYZ ltd).But the finance department of ABC ltd says the XYZ ltd financial statements show various losses. Question- Cite four reasons why XYZ ltd shows loss, while it has made profit?


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What is Inventory?

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can anybody help me to tell me about the questions that could be asked in axis bank interview?


What is fairtrade??????????????

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Could anyone please explain, what are basel-i and basel-ii?

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What are subordinated debt?

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Name 2 stock exchanges of U.S.A

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Who is the governer of RBI

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what is the difference b/w acquisation by subsidy & acquisation by a company?

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What is Money market & Capital Market?

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what is finance?

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how crude oil prices and inflation is inter-related aspecially for India and U.S.

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what is mean by OTC?

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i just want information about to be a c&f agent. i have done graduation in commerce. i am working in H.D.F.C. bank ltd. and i am looking trade finance. so i am interested to be a c& f agent and i want to start up my own business. so if possible please guide to me what is the process to be a c&f agent.

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Why REPO rate is being hiked to control Inflation ?


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what is the short cut to select the credit note voucher in Tally ERP 9?


Tell about the different types of banks?


What are the various clauses of term loan agreement?


When was NABARD established?


What are NBFCs?


What do you understand by Securities market?


How does rupee strengthen when the Reserve Bank of India sells dollars in the market?


What do you know about Olympics 2016?


What is profit ratio?


Explain secured loans and unsecured loans.


What were the issues which were demonstrated in the G - 8 summits recently and are drawing huge attention?


What is scc?


What is Kisan Credit card?


What is the minimum and the maximum period for the fix deposit?


What is plastic money? How is it better than the cash?