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Banking Finance Interview Questions
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can anyone help with interview questions for the position of bank operations officer? my e-mail is


What do you mean by Forefieted shares?

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What will your outlook towards maintenance of liquid assets to ensure that the firm has adequate cash in hands to meet its obligation at all times?

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Why do companies take Foreign Currency Loan??

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how can v calcute BSE index?

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present i am studying mba but basically i am from science background i completed my graduation with bsc.biotechnology wat to say for question why you change your stream ? how can fulfill the requirements of job?

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what are the sources of risk for a financial services firm?

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what are the major typrs of risk faced by banking companies in india?

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How to assess credit limits as per inventory norms?

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What is the difference between TIN and VAT?

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journal entry for vendor and depreciation



why should be concered with in risk capital budgeting? is the standard deviation an adequate budgeting? is the stansard deviation an adequate measure of risk? Can you think of a better measure ?



Hi, Can any tell me the Easy writing Topics For an MNC Companies.

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Giving a Loan and Credit Provision. What are the differences and the similarities of the two?

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what is Finance?

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Define Call Money Rate?


Do you know RBI current policy and reserve rates?


What are the major products of the banking industry?


What are the steps taken by banks to promote financial inclusion?


What do you know about equity market?


What is a Limited company?


What is a swap?


What is the difference between Partnership and Company ?


Why Is Depreciation On The Income Statement Different From The Depreciation On The Balance Sheet?


What is the importance of capitalization?


Why do you want to join the banking industry?


What is the treasury stock method?


What is the between Balance of Trade and Balance of Payments?


What is 'overdraft facility'?


How will you differentiate between shares and debentures?