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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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Why do we twist copper to make cable?

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CPC cable .PVC \1C....I want to get sure that type is flexible indoor or to be install on trench. please advice .thanx :)


why the conservater tank alwes made upper side of transformer???

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what is the criteria for selecting fuse rating in 1phase, 2phase & 3phase welding sets?


can anyone provide me a amf panel control wiring using ec-2 relay?

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why the projects getting loss?



what are the method of testing of transformer??


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What is SF6 Circuit Breaker?


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why we use circuit breakers for switching instead of normal switching device?


what is diffrent between plc and clc??

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why we cannot protect 100% winding of an alternator by using differential protection?


How to control the dc motor in ac supply without thyristor circuit?

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what is the acceptable limit value for Desolve Gas Analysis/


which signal we found accurate reading of analog signal or degital signal and why?

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what is the k var ratting of 1250kva


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before transformer oil dielectric strenght tests are taken the oil should be allowed to settle to remove option 1 air bubbles 2 gasses 3 contamination 4 water


3ph motor running with unequal kw and different pf what are the reasons


Yazaki india pvt ltd interview questions qurey related


Differnce between negative Pahse SequenceFunction and unbalance Function?


What will be the output voltage of a transformer if it is primarily energized from a square wave voltage source?


how power trnafor from 1 point to another point in bus bar ya transmission line( voltage trnasfer from 1 point to another poin)


This is reqd for a 1MW Solar power plant..We have 2DC outputs from the solar panels Connected to 2INVERTOR panels.. Output from invertor is 3ph,280v,500kva,50hz.These are connected to individual ACB.This has to be stepped up to 11KV ,1250KVA SYSTEM.Now can I use (1) one more ACBTO GIVE A COMBINED OUTPUT OF 1000KVA,280V & STEP UP THE OUTPUT BY USING a single two winding 3 ph transformer 11kv/1250kva. or (2)use the two outputs and connect to one three winding transformer of above rating..Pls suggestwith details.


I have doubt that the supply HZ (very low or high than rated ) may affect the power factor. is it true. ?


Is there any Institution for giving M-tech in Electrical engineering for those who r in service? Give the details please.


What are the classifications of heating element?


sir plz send some previous year questions of jspl.


In AC if the direction of current keeps reversing every half cycle, how does it propogate through the transmission lines?


why Induction Generators are not "Black start" ? and apart from WTGs where this types of generator are generally used?


In a synchronous motor. if start is running at high speed.  What will be the starting torque : Higher Lower Zero


What happens when two positively charged material is placed together?