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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is meant by cbct elr?

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what does work of electrical technician in industrial

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why we testing the core balance of the transformer before comissioning?


what is stator inter turn fault?

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why we use battery source for current transformer polarity testing?

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how to calculate the ct burden?


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what is the formulae for calculating the cable size for a given voltage and current.

Bharat Forge,

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I am an electrical contractor in noida, I am registereg in noida vat. i got a contract in Delhi State, my party told me that we shall deduct WCT @4% & reimburse Service tax all in composite scheme. Now Problem is this, 1 Can i able to purchase outside the delhi? 2 Can i produce a c form to our vendors? 3 What is limitation of purchase from outside the Delhi? 4 What % of tax Govt will levied upon me? 5 How can i take credit of tax paid upon purchase made by us. So, like these type questions i have in my mind if any person know the right answer please write to or contact me on - 8010076534 / 9212758177 / 9718378190. Thanks with Best Regards, S.K.Saxena

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what is difference between sub-station and switch yard.

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what is first pole to clear factor ?

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What is the difference between induction motor and the Synchronized one?

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what is hunting?

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why the Current transformers secodary is shorted to ground (In metering and Protection)

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Why the Potential transformer Primary in connected to Earth?

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I am apply the AAI. So i want electrical sample question paper in technical with answer my id is

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Iwould like to know barc interview questions


by using pump duty, how we will can calculate the motor duty(KW)? is there any standard or formula.


What is meant by derating factor?


how many stairs have you climbed while you were coming


i have a 4 Mva transformer 34.5 kv / 480-277 v and i used 2 parallel 3200 amp bus duct for the secondary feeder using 3 ply of bus bar ( 3/8" x 5" ) as a common where the flexible link terminated and 6300 amps breaker for the main, the lower bus duct reaches 70 degrees and the upper bus duct reaches 55 degrees when i used thermal scanner. why the temperature is not balance when the load reaches 3600 amps.


what is the calculation formula for motor starting torque,running torque, running torque.


Explain using drawings what is reverse PID action w.r.t PID controllers.


Why do we use center tap transformer that used with portable tools


how to find the resistance and gap volatage of the diode??


would you please give me any idea about the BARC interview question on electrical? i have an interview on 1st july.....plz hlp me.......its urgent......


plz send me the procedure and syllabus for mseb exam


I have a small system with two motors that are running on 380 vac, 60 hz. These motors are expensive and I usally get them from Brazil. I am adding another motor to the system, but I want to purchase a 480 vac, 60 hz motor to use. It will be on a VFD that is rated fro 380 thru 480. Is this posible and will I have to use a larger motor and derate it?


what is the series parallel connection of capacitors? and how can we use these application in three phase motors for controlling torque?


What is control system?


why cable i burning without tripping. how can protect led street lights