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Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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Please send me IOCL-GET-Mechanical Sample Question paper/previous year paper or the Guidelines related to the same...i will be very thankful to you. i m going to apper for the written of the IOCL on 6th July,2008 Thank you



difference between strainer and filter

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which mechanism is used to turn the vehicles?

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what is dicharge? how is measured?


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Where can i see model papers for NLC graduate engineer test and RRB section engineer test


best tip to increase fuel efficiency with a high powered engine ?

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what is the effect of rust on seetmatal


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send interview questins about pro_e to me

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How to Track the Inventory Items that are avaliable past 15years.


how will effect of water injection on turbine load and corresponding MW output(not water washing)

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i need iocl model aptitude question papers soon as possible .so pls 4wd it to m id


what is meant by hybrid vehicles?

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i am prepared for the rrb section engineer, please help me to guide , how to prepare and which books are good for technical, aptitude(arthimetic, resonning and g.k), send details to me by email:

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Please send me technical paper of ONGC for Mechanical branch.I am in need of the paper.Pls send me.


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on volume basis,air contains following parts of oxygen

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sir i want model and previous year question paper of RRB. please send it to my mail id. im a mechanical engg.


Whether individual components in composite materials retain their characteristics or not?


what is run out? how to calulate run out vaue.


What are you going to inspect or check when you open the crankcase?


Causes of M/E high exhaust valve temperature


If saturated temp of water is 99.8degc at atmospheric pressure,then how the water of sea is evaporated at normal temp


What are the types of sensors and their explanation?


Why would you use pneumatics?


What is the effect of high alkaline water to a boiler?


How oxygen can be removed from steel during melting? What are fully killed steels ?


What is a bearing? What are the different types of bearings?


Which pump is more efficient centrifugal pump or reciprocating pump?


Explain why is thick steel wire stronger than thin steel wire?


i require technical question paper which has been asked in last railway recruitment board exam for the post of junior engr.


Tell me how many btu per hour equals 1 ton of air conditioning?