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C40/50 of concrete strength is saying that 40Mpa(by using cylinder specimen) and 50Map (by using cubic specimen), but this concrete strength is Characteristic concrete strength or target mean concrete strength?

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"Gates of the dams are generally designed of curved shape". Why?


providing, fixing, removal of pockets of size 100*150*300mm to 500*600*1000mm for foundation. the shuttering material used for making &fixing of pockets shall be removed by the contractor without damaged to pockets. if any damage occurred, the same shall be rectified by the contractor is to handover the pockets to forge shop engineer with proper marking of centre lines, levels etc.

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How to check the quality of fine aggregate on site?

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how to identify the failure of building by expansive soils


What ingredients with% found in ppc cement??


For 12mm thick and cement plastering 1:6 on 100sqm new Brick work the quantity of cement required is

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What is the Compressive strength of concrete C40/20 at 7days

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How to calculate Cement in bags ,sand in sqft and aggregate in sqft for 1cum M25 grade concrete


What is used for 1cubicmeter steel ? 1meter length square pipe how many weight ?

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How Can Calculate Plastering Quantities For 260.04 square meter by using CM 1:4 with 25mm Thick ?

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how to calculate the size of triangular ring in rcc column?

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How to calculate the cement plastering for circular and rectangular water storage tanks and how to calculate the area of circular and rectangular floor?? Please help me


Volume of 25kg putty bag & 40 kg putty bag volume??



How much does it cost for a R.C.C cover slab of size (450mmX 600mmx 100mm) double rf net given in feets using hand mix concrete?



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Whats the meanig of ,'K' VALUE in the case of soil.....


how to shuttering is used in slab


Describe the role of independent Quantity surveyor?


what are the values of compressieve strenght?


in one hour , one 200 excavator , how much quantity (mcube)can load ? soil is not hard not soft


what is penetration test?why it is done?


What are the RISKS during the project construction?


Why you are leaving present job?


five benefits of using standard terminology in the measurement process


IN Compression testing machine 1division =10KN ,then what is compressive strength of 100*100 mm cubes at a load of 320 KN


The properties of concrete HA-30 and how does it differ with M 30 (specify the important characteristics like workability,strength,mix design,slump test value)and what is the standard relating to it


For plate load test why we are applying pressure 3 times the proposed allowable bearing pressure? Is there any supporting standards for this?


how to calcualate the amount of stone,cement,sand required for 1cum of 450mm thick ruble stond masonary with ratio1:5, please me an answer with dtailed step


20mm thick sand face plaster on walls consisting of 12 mm the backing coat of c.m.(1:3)and 8mm thick finished coat of c.m.(1:1)including scaffolding, watering, finishing etc complete please calculator with methyl et et r u


why is M30 grade Concrete use for Foothing & Column M50