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in a corner footing of a building, column lies in one corner. in this condition i want to know if the reactive pressure of soil will be uniformly distributed throughout the footing or will be uniformly varying as in the case of eccentrical loading.



What is Refuse Area ? And What is Definition ?  

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What is Refuse Area In High Rise Building ?

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What is Definition Of Refuse Area In Building ? 

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 Which Types Of Bricks ? 



What is Shoe Footing ?

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what is M20 ? 

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What is m20 and What is  20 ? 

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  what is purpose of PCC  Below Footing ?


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What is Purpose Of Stirrups give  In Beam ?  


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What is Purpose Difference in Stirrups For Beam & Column  ? 

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An interior designer designed a rack with the given dimensions. The dimensions are in feet. This coplanar frame repeats at every 5feet and constitute a space frame. The total length is 120feet. Which steel member will you suggest? A square bar, A square tube or a circular tube. Explain.


What are the disadvantages while using stone dust as filler in pavements?


how to calculate steel in slabs ?

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What is the number of IS code of practice to be followed for hydraulic design of sewerage pipe line?

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what is the weight of 12mm aggregates?


Which code specifies the specification ofthe construction joints to be provided in the raft slab of a basement which is 6 m deep.what should bethe detail of such a joint?


How to design staircase.plz tell me formula for the design the staircase.


What sizes of stones chips are used for foundation, column and floor casting. Please answer in detail.


how to reduce size of column 450 x 750 to 230 x.... if it is cut in area of bathroom? means it appears in bathroon any shifting or any other option....building is g + 10 and the bathroom is at first floor...


at what pressure ply-wood is obtained by gluing wooden sheets


questions with answers to face an interview of an civil engineer regarding RCC buidings


Technical Question of Civil Engineering


how much cement and sand required for 100sqm of wall plastering in different proportions


what is the composition of good brick ?


sir iam dng my engg final yr (civil) iam intrested to write group_1 .if we write this exam what kind of jobs we get and what should be the minimum score for us to get qualified and iam having reservation too.


what energized you to complete your course?


Bearing capacity of soil determined as per ASTM is to design the foundation size.what is the importance of EV1/EV2 value as per DIN .My consultant ask me to test the the soil as per din to find out this ratio to assess the compacted strength of soil ,,?? is it meaning full ??


how to convert sand in Cft to Kgs


Can you pl explain the procedure steps of singly and doubly reinforced beams in limit state method