Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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who much should be the lap length in reinfocement


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How do piles bear loads

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state the functional requirement of a retaining wall

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Name four load bearing elements (structural elements) in a framed building

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Why shoring is employed in building industry?

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state the main objectives of underpinning

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what is scaffolding and state is purpose

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define formwork

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state the difference between direct and indirect cold water supply scheme

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what is drainage system?

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name three materials used in drainage work

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what is the difference between weir and a barrage

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what is the difference between arch dam and gravity dam. Name a gravity dam in India

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on what basis the partial factor of safety are decided? form the load combinations


how do you calculate the length of "L" of main & distribution bar for reinforcing of raft footing


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How to avoid fly ash seed ball formations in the concrete mixer while mixing of raw materials for fly ash block manufacturing?


i am laying a base of dimensions 6.5feet by 7feet by 1.25 feet depth how many bags of 25kg cement and how many bags of 25kg sand will i need


I need to do a Compressive Strength Test for a specimen made of Rubber. Before doing the Test on the Machine, I need to have an idea of the Minimum and Maximum Compressive Strength or Yield Strength of the specimen. How can I calculate that?


column at edge of a framed structure is uniaxial or biaxial. and is an interior column is biaxial


In Abutment walls (A1 side) why we are adopting fixed bearing (POT-PTFE)?


why is the column design?


Reinforcement details at hinged joint


Whats be the minimum foundation depth of multistoried building as per height of building in individual footing?


Cement consumption of one cubic meter of aerocon blocks masonry?


mean of NH4 pipe


How many % we consider for lap for reinforcement for estimates


how many kg cement & fine sand reqird in one sq meter 1:6 mortar ratio?


What is the standard specification of MOR and Water Absorption of Homogenous Ceramic Floor Tiles?


What are the joints wants to made in masonry where door opening, arches like etc..


at which depth the construction of tunnel is economical from cost and engineering aspect.