Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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who much should be the lap length in reinfocement


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How do piles bear loads

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state the functional requirement of a retaining wall

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Name four load bearing elements (structural elements) in a framed building

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Why shoring is employed in building industry?

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state the main objectives of underpinning

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what is scaffolding and state is purpose

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define formwork

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state the difference between direct and indirect cold water supply scheme

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what is drainage system?

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name three materials used in drainage work

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what is the difference between weir and a barrage

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what is the difference between arch dam and gravity dam. Name a gravity dam in India

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on what basis the partial factor of safety are decided? form the load combinations


how do you calculate the length of "L" of main & distribution bar for reinforcing of raft footing


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why we can use dust in concrete insted of fly ash


how to diffenentiate the fixed beam and simply supported beam in the execution while reading the drawing and how the reinforcement detail will be differ for the above.


 What is difference between limit state and working stress method? How it is applies in building structure.


what should be the deduction for bend in stirrups while calculating cutting length? Is it 1 dia at each bend?


Curvature ki quantity kaise nikalte hai pls give me ans... curvature canal ka hai


2. What are the advantages of your present job, things you like about it?


How can calculate the requirement of steel bars of rcc slab for 1100 sq ft?


explain fie benefits of using standard terminology in the measurement process


How to determine thee cut length for steel reinforcement bars in R.C.C design


undistributed samples are obtained by


Why steel rods are produced only in even dimensions?


How to calculate density of 40 mm coarse aggregate, in mixing ration 1:1.5:3? Please explain calculation for density


Whats the standard thickness of 20'/30' wide rcc service road and what will be the estimated cost per cubit feet


Does VDF add strength to the flooring apart from preventing water ingress?


What is M40 _ TOR - EQ and B.F.S