Pharmacy Interview Questions
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What do you mean by Q+5 in dissolution?


What is the disintegration time for Hard Gelatin Capsule?

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What is limit of disintegration for Enteric coated tablets?


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What should be the sampling point in dissolution test?

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Which will give more drug release paddle or basket in dissolution?

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Tablets of which drug are used in dissolution calibration?

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What is the difference between Drug Purity and Drug Potency?

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What should be the minimum limit of a working standard?


What is the storage condition for reference standard?

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How impurity is analyzed in any tablet?

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Why we use the placebo in analysis?

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What is the procedure to prepare the placebo?

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What is difference between method validation and method verification?

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What is the technology transfer and how is it done?

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What are the steps for the sterilization procedure for Dry Powder injection facility (from Starting)?


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pharmacovigilance opportunities in Hyderabad


If granules are over lubricated what defect arises in tablet compression how we solve this problem.


how to calculate the potency of gentamycin sulfate


What is the composition of a C18 column?


what is the exact classification of pharmaceutical industry (area wise) as per cleaning limits(Class A.B.C.D)


How to conduct Literature Survey for Generics Development for European Market


Why and When RRF is necessary in RS method? How it is helpful in method development?


How to check the integrity of Sieve, Screen, FBD Bag?


how to select HPLC column for a particular product


when will andhara pradesh government announces drug inspector posts and when will be the exam conducted? please inform me..


How many types of impurites in Related compound test?


In Stability testing if significant change occurs then what will be the action plan?


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What is pooled sample and why it is required in dissolution test?