Zoology Interview Questions
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name the intermediate host of trypanosoma gambience?

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what is the basic difference between ascon and sycon type of sponges?

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in schistosoma haematobiasis what is the use of gynaecophoric canal?

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what is copulatory bursa?what is gubernaculum?

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what is the study of molluscs called?

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why the coelome is considered as perihaemal system in phylum echinodermata?

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explain the madreporite of water vascular system?

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what r the differences between gastropoda and pelycypoda?


name the 3 layers of the shell?

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what is umbo?

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what is the function of statocysts in arthropoda?

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what r the peculiarities found in phyllobranch?

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what are the differences between maxillae and maxillulae in arthropoda?



what's difference between polyperson and polyorigin theory of polymorphism?

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what is the period for cycle of golgi?

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What contaminants are affecting fisheries?


what does the psychic phase do


How are fishing communities affected by emergencies?


1. do you like your job 2. How long does it take you to be one 3. How is interacting with the animals 4. What do you like better whales or dolphins 5.do you think your job is important v 6. when did you first realize you wanted to be a marine biologist? 7. how many hours do you generally work in a week 8. what is your greatest memory as a marine biologist 9.in your opinion what is the greatest thing in being a marine biologist 10. do you specialize in any area? if so what 11. what is a typical day in your career 12.do you travel a lot. 13. what school subjects would help you for this career. 14.what kind of species do you work with 15. do you like the people your work with


What do you mean by 'rostrum' with reference to the anatomy of the human brain?


What are the risks associated with the contaminants affecting fish?


What are the general trends in trade?


zoology as an item of human culture ? explain


What do you know about high-frequency oscillations (20-50 Hz) in invertebrates or vertebrates? What causes them?


what is the general life cycle of metazoans?


I have an interview of post of lecturer in Zoology( entomology)department,please guide me about interview questions.


common characteristics of parrot, platybus and kangaroo


what particular feild in zoology would you say is the most challenging feild


What is a transgenic animal? A transgenic knockout mouse? What are the advantages and disadvantages of such animals for neuroscientific studies? Please give one or two specific examples.


In which of the glands are graffian follicles found??