Zoology Interview Questions
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what are palaeopods?

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what is down's syndrome?what are its features?

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what is BUNDLE OF HIS?

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what are the pricipal olfactory organs of snakes?

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what is the connecting link between reptiles and birds?

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what is the function of pectoralis major and pectoralis minor in birds wings?

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jelly fish belongs to which animal phylum?

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what is the cause for arterial hypoxia?

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Diff between hollard,chresard,echard?

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what is pygostyle?

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sub groups of mammalia?

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anaconda belongs to which family?

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study of abnormalities during embryonic devt called?

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What is plica semilunaris?what is the function of it?

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What is the difference between paedomorphosis and paedogenesis?

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What contaminants are affecting fisheries?


What is a central pattern generator (CPG)?


Ano po bang klaseng gagamba ang makagawa ng pinakamatigas supot (web)?


How are fishery products used?


How to extract DNA from semen (sperm)?


What is the state of fishery resources?


In which of the glands are graffian follicles found??


What is the situation of fishers, fish farmers and the fishing fleet?


why do you join pharma


What are the trends in open ocean catches in fisheries?


What is a transgenic animal? A transgenic knockout mouse? What are the advantages and disadvantages of such animals for neuroscientific studies? Please give one or two specific examples.


Its danger for human to sleep at night under a big a tree, why its not danger for birds because they sit on the tree whole night?


What are the general trends in processing and consumption?


How may fisheries management affect sustainable development?


Does anyone know of any genetic defects on animals? I'm just curious why I've never seen an animal with gigantism, or dwarfism, or down syndrome. I'm sure they all dont die at birth. I'm really interested in some information on this. thanks