Zoology Interview Questions
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what are palaeopods?

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what is down's syndrome?what are its features?

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what is BUNDLE OF HIS?

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what are the pricipal olfactory organs of snakes?

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what is the connecting link between reptiles and birds?

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what is the function of pectoralis major and pectoralis minor in birds wings?

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jelly fish belongs to which animal phylum?

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what is the cause for arterial hypoxia?

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Diff between hollard,chresard,echard?

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what is pygostyle?

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sub groups of mammalia?

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anaconda belongs to which family?

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study of abnormalities during embryonic devt called?

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What is plica semilunaris?what is the function of it?

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What is the difference between paedomorphosis and paedogenesis?

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Ano po bang klaseng gagamba ang makagawa ng pinakamatigas supot (web)?


zoology as an item of human culture ? explain


What large hairy spider from a city in Italy A. Vinecaliu B. Tarantula C. Both A and B D. None


What is the physical and biological basis of structural and functional MRI for brain imaging?


Its danger for human to sleep at night under a big a tree, why its not danger for birds because they sit on the tree whole night?


What is Capture-based aquaculture ?


do you get to deal with animals hands on wile in college


What role can fisheries play in national development and poverty reduction?


How can fish safety be controlled?


Describe the vertebrate brain and name its major areas.


In which of the glands are graffian follicles found??


the insect not useful toman is


What does the Haversian (central) canal in each osteon contains?


may shark ba sa pilipinas?at saan?


Discuss the major features of at least two very different nervous systems (i.e. jellyfish, locust, lamprey, octopus, owl, rat, monkey). In what ways might the features of each system affect neural processing?