Botany Interview Questions
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What is one feature that the Lamiaceae and Boraginaceae share?


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What fruit type is typical of the Portulacaceae?

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Why does a pansy flower turn its face towards the sun ?

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How does a flowering plant feed itself ?

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Form where do the non-green plants get their food ?

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Why do the plants or animal bodies decay ?

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What do you know about the creatures which are in between plants and animals ?

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What plants ate not green ?

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How do the plants and the animals differ ?

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Are large plants able to move at all ?

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Why technical words are used for plants and animal spices ?

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Why do plants need sunlight to make their food ?

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Do the plants breaths in Oxygen ?

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Why should one not sleep under a tree at night ?

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Why has a tree so many leaves?

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Name the fungus attracting ants and smelling very foul and rotten?


Can the powdery mildew Oidium lycopersicum be stored in the freezer in order to inoculate tomato plants?


Explain the evolution of plants?


Why can mould vary in colour?


what are the uses of economically important plants?


what are the membranes does a water molecule pass between the soil and a vacuole in a mesophyll cell?


What is the advantage, if any, to a germinating seed or seeding in developing a hook? Why is there no heart-shaped stage during embryo development in monocytes? What is the agricultural i mportance of the transgenic rice plant(in 3 paragraphs)


what's the effect of dichlorodiphenyl trichloroethane on plants?


what is the description of ipomoea involucrata?


Describe the structure of a catkin with regard to sex and completeness of the flowers.


what is the importance of the medicinal plant morinda elliptica?


Why algae Spirulina is called the food of the future?


What percentage of the world's photosynthesis is produced by trees alone?


which floral whorls are present or absent on grasses?


How and from where the epiphytes get mineral nutrients?:?