Bio Chemistry Interview Questions
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How does molecular exclusion chromatography work?

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What types of things happen to proteins during posttranslational processing (hydroxylation, etc.)?

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How can one use the pH and the pKa to determine the acid-base form of a compound?

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How are free energy changes related to enthalpy changes and entropy changes?


What types of molecules form bilayers?

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What are the various types of noncovalent attractive forces?

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Why are right-handed helices more stable than left-handed helices?


How can peptide bonds be made from amino acids without activating the amino acids first?

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What kinds of compounds are water soluble? Why?

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How are reaction rates dependent upon free energy changes?


What role do disulfide bonds play in protein folding, and in protein stability?

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What are the structural and stability consequences of electron delocalization in amides (peptide bonds)?

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What types of proteins contain disulfide bonds?

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What functional group is hydrolyzed in the hydrolysis of ATP to ADP and Pi?

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What factors cause the hydrolysis of ATP so exergonic?

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Two children have a neurological disorder. When cells from the two patients were fused to form heterokaryons containing nuclei from both patients and cultured, the cells displayed normal metabolism. Cells from either patient exhibited abnormal metabolism when cultured separately.what does these results indicate?


i have done M.SC. in biochemistry from india. as i have experience of pharmaceuticals in quality assurance department of 4 i come to know that my degree is valid in uk.i got my comparision letter of degree from uknaric. but i m confuse that what is the next step to do for getiing job in lab? am i eligible to get directly job or as trainee than job ? or to register in ibms or what? pls tell me


Why are free cysteines treated with iodoacetate prior to protein sequencing?


what is familiar hypercholesterolemia?


How does a random coil differ from an irregularly structured region?


How are free energy changes related to LeChatelier's Principle?


What are hydrophobicity scales, and how are they used?


How are free energy, equilibrium and spontaneity related to each other?


A 3.00 * 10-6M solution in a 1.0 cm cuvette read 16 % T at 620nm. What were the absorbance and the molar absorbancy index of the solution?


The elution volume of an enzyme on a gel filtration column can be predicted from a) its enzyme activity b) its protein absorbance at 280 nm c) subunit composition and monomer molecular mass(es) d) Choices a) and b) are both correct.


Why are right-handed helices more stable than left-handed helices?


"Tell me about a job that you found particularly satisfying. What did you like about it?


Which organ and subcellular site are most important for fatty acid biosynthesis?


What do you like LEAST & MOST about your current position?


How are coupled reactions used in biochemistry?