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Marine Engineering Interview Questions
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What is bucket valve??

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hi, i have completed my b.e. marine could u pls suggest me some job site for marine engineering?


explain the types of pumps?

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explain the positive displacement pump?

Ocean Star Ship,

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What is the melting point of fusible plug?

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dear sir i completed BE marine engineering with 75% i would like to start my carrier in off shore jobs so please any offshore member see it guide me ......

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What is the difference between conduction type motor and induction type motor?


1) in a ship where do we get the earth is connected to? 2) in a 3 phase supply where does the neutral is connected to in a ship normally? 3) how does we make the best 24v dc wiring for the ship at the bridge panels which mostly work on 24v dc voltage and how do we differentiate its wiring from ac wiring? 4)what is a synchronizer and why do we need it compulsory in a ship? 5) in a blackout condition how does a ship get its back up power?

Ethiopian Maritime, FM, Focus,

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how to find natural frequency of segmented ship model? (in air and water)

Auckland University of Technology, SCI,

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what is the power in horse power of a 4 stroke diesel with the following make up? piston diameter = 250mm length = 70mm stroke = 300 1 bar (1013kpa) rpm = 5/second please show workings



why you choose marine engineering?

Maersk, Mitsui OSK Lines, Tolani Maritime,

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What is the meaning of mitsui man B&W 6s70mc-c?

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Besides for what is written in your resume, would you describe to me yourself? and why do you want to apply here?

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state and describe that vibrations are transmitted from one elastic material or component to another?


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What will happen to an engine with safety system running in critical RPM?

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Difference between RTA, RND & RD marine diesel engine?


What is the purpose of o-ring in the centrifugal pumps?


What is large 2-stroke marine diesel engine turbocharger?


Describe the vibration of machinery which is not apparent?


Can a computer flat screen hooked up to a fish finder?


How can you explain that the vibration is transmitted from elastic materials or components to another?


How large marine generator supply power to the msb?


Dear sir   i complete my BE marine wit 75% in 2012 But still i can`t able to job so i decided leave the search job related marine please guide me ...................


What is meant by the term Relative Density?


What are the functions of paring disc and flow control disc in purifier and clarifier?


What is the principal of axial pump?


Give an example each of a shipboard use of an adiabatic process and an isothermal process?


How ships are flooding?


A steel column 3 m hight is of hollow square section, 200 mm outside dimension and 20 mm wall thickness. (young's modules E=210*10^9) calculate A: the compressive load which will give a stress of 60 MN/m^2 in column. B: the compression o the column under the load in (A).


what is the power in horse power of a 4 stroke diesel with the following make up? piston diameter = 250mm length = 70mm stroke = 300 1 bar (1013kpa) rpm = 5/second please show workings