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Accounting General Interview Questions
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my question is I am finance student I want to know which type of the question are asked by the interwier in interview.



wt do you understand by ledger

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I have 3 units, can i vat returns all the three units only one vat form

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I have deducted tds on salary from pay slip for employees for this how to deposit govrt. department. is there any form to fillup, pls tell me the which form to be used.

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I Give a Cheque for IPO in Saving Bank Account , What entry in tally accounting softwer With Example

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how i will pass the journal entry for the shipping charges

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What is the difference between ledger and journal?

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What are the differences between debit and credit?

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what is the difference between debit card and credit card?

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What is royalty reserve?

Hero Honda,


journal entries for money received from RBI by the banks IN CASE OF INSUFFICIENCY


what is reserve capital

Capital IQ,

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If We Are Purchase Any Service For Ex. Agency Charges From Creditors & Give Or Sale The Same To Debtors; Then How I Open Agency Charges Ledger? What Is The Grouping Of It? Is It Purchase A/c. Or Sales A/c.? And If Its Purchase A/c. Then How I Enter It In Debtors A/c. Or Should I Make Two Different Ledgers With Two Groupings Purchase One And Sales One?

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if issue the share capital what is entry pass the journal

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difference between debit notes and credit notes

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Explain what a deferred asset is and give an example?


What is a business transaction in accounting?


How to group the companies in tally?


What is the Full Procedure of Purchase ?


i am trying to set up a recurring reversing journal in Oracle GL, my problem is i have income balance of £30k that i only want to show 1/12th in a period over 12 months. can any one help me set it up . i want to show P01-13 opening balance £30k less £27500 P02-13 reverse P01-13 journal P02-13 opening balance £30k less £25000 etc. or does anyone know of another way it can be done automatically every month.


What steps would you take before approving an invoice for payment?


Define retail banking?


What all are the documents need to check for a supplier payment?


What other careers are you considering?


what is basic general accounting.


what is accounting cycle ?


Types of errors in account


what is t code of all expences general legder?


Tell us depreciation and its types?


A non-function currency claim:- Employee while updating a non functional currency claim the system uses the period end rate i.e. any claim pertaining to the period 01Aug - 25th Aug. the system uses the period end rate as of July 31st. (2) Also, what is the basis of using the period end rate not the average rate for expenses claim. Can you please clarify my question.