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Accounting General Interview Questions
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What are the request will be submitted at the time of running payment batches



Explain the Parameters required in the Setup of Financial Option and Payable Option



Briefly explain the difference between receipt & payment and income & expenditure account.

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what diff. between huf and individual?

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Differentiate between equity and stock.

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Is it mendatory to provide deferred tax asset, where the management not expecting taxable profit in the subsequent financial years.


Which is the adjustment which is not a part of Trial balance but a part of Balance sheet ?

Genpact, HSBC,

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Describe in brief introduction of Account.

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What do you mean by trial balance?

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Describe in brief introduction of Account.

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what is capital and revenue expenditure

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Differance between US GAAP and UK GAAP?


what is cost of captial

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what is the job profile for Account Manager.

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What accounting Treatment we should do while we received Amount Rs 39200 After deducting Tds 800 From Invoice Amount 40000. Kindly also explain for deducting Tds should be booked under which Head of Tally.

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Un-Answered Questions { Accounting General }

Why company issue shares at discount as its a loss ?


What is compound journal entry?


Interest received 5,000 and still receivable Rs. 2,000 PLease give journal entry for this!


What is the abbreviation for the accounting terms debit and credit?


Hi Everybody, Can anybody tell me how to create ledger in Peachtree Accounting software, means there are some Code, which Codes Comes under which ledger Account.your prompt Answer will be highly appreciated, Thanks & regards, Khan


Tell me what is the master account?


Tax Invoice: Client had settled Rs. 5,25,000/- {after deducting TDS @ 10% from base/gross amount and then added (+) Service Tax Amount (15%)} which equals to Rs. 525000/- (Settled Amount by Client). Please let me know what will be gross amount and total invoice amount including Service Tax????


My Brother is running a small business of Window glasses & Mirror etc. He needs Bank Loan (CC/OD Limit)against current account. So, I need a project report to apply CC Limit. Please Help me. My EMAIL ID is :- Kindly send the report to above ID ASAP. Thanks & Warm Regards Sarvpreet +919888669523


when the ABC's personal bank to to his business bank money transferred(paid) then how to pass the entry.


How i should sellone the mobile phone when interviewer will ask sell this phone to me?


what is the new rate of c.s.t in uttraklhand


I'am accountant working in a trading concern. I wish to become an accountant in a manufacturing/construction company.are there any books available in the market from which I can get an Idea as to how accounts are prepared and maintained for a manufacturing/construction company.


if we have provision for bad debts and RDD then on which amount we have to calculate RDD original or deducted?


A non-function currency claim:- Employee while updating a non functional currency claim the system uses the period end rate i.e. any claim pertaining to the period 01Aug - 25th Aug. the system uses the period end rate as of July 31st. (2) Also, what is the basis of using the period end rate not the average rate for expenses claim. Can you please clarify my question.


adjustment entry showing in tally such as outstanding salary prepaid salary etc.