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Accounting General Interview Questions
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If i paid cash to my merchandiser(employee) in his imprest account.& if he is not able to arrange the purchase bill than how will be his account settled or what will be the entires for this process.

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how to pass the opening stock entry & closing Stock entry in Tally ?


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if we have taken Mobile phone for employees use ,can we taken as assests for the company ? then what is the deprecation rate ?

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what is the diffrence between cash flow & cash fund?


I have paid an advance for a supplier against delivery, Say Rs.500,on 20.2.2010. Later on 3.3.2010, I settle the balance of Rs.1500. How can i account this in tally?

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golden rules of accounting

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What is journal entry to create the Provision for Bad & Doubtful debts?

ABS, Infosys,

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how to calculate basic to gross salary



what are the types of option contract?

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What are the financial instruments used in share market..?. Hope securities called as one of financial instrument. Your answer will be appreciated. If any link are given related to this apart from this, it would be highly appreciated this. Thanks in advance.

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What are the major difference between US GAAP & Indian GAAP.? Where US GAAP is exactly & highly differenciated from Indian GAAP..? Your answer will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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FIXED Asset - What is the most used method/right method in Depreciation in India and other countries..? (ie., Straight line method,Written down value method. or etc.,). The calculation for depreciation how it stand commonly in all organization..? Is there any difference between companies and assets..? Your answer will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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what is paroll

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Dear sir, please tell me how to calculate p.f ( provident fund)?

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what is the eligible to deduct the professional tax?


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what stock transfer applicable in sister concern unit.


using examples, examine the relevance of the following as final accouting adjustments; 1.reserves 2.provisions 3.disposal of assets 4.control accounts


How to make a entry in tally for Land & Building Purchased for RS.1,65,00,000/-(Total Consideration)Paid Installment wise as 30 lakh,10 lakh,20 lakh & 1,30,87,500


What are the elements of the accounting equation?


Tell me where do generally accruals appear on the balance sheet?


The main financial accounting statements?


In tally when accounts with inventory ,when working in units of measurement under this after creating unit ,if we want to change the unit due to some mistake why does the cursor does not stop in the decimal field? And why the used units do not get deleted in the alter section?


Are you comfortable with cold-calling?


Hi sir, Our appointed one agent for sales promotion activities. This agent doing the job "canvas of our product". My quires 1)it is eligible for service tax and how to accounted. 2) this transaction is direct expenses or direct expenses? Pl suggest me




I m entering much more than 500-700 sales vouchers per month. But I m getting a problem while entering sale voucher is that If I have entered a sale voucher in the middle of a date then the voucher no is being changed. So how can enter a sale voucher in the middle of a date so that i can adjust the voucher nos from changing.


salary and rent entry with tds deduct


rents part of its building for a monthly fee of $1,250. The rent for the month just past has not been received.


Tell me what would you say are the most important qualities of an account manager?


What is the networth percentage observe by banks