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Accounting General Interview Questions
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which report give the data of GL with materials details in sap?


What is the basic entries of cash and bank with a trading company.


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what is a source document for a cancelled cheque

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what is meaning of npv(net present value)


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Why company issue shares at discount as its a loss ?


Explain the statement:"Fixed cost per unit is variable but variable cost per unit is fixed".

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what is the tally accounting.

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A computer purchased for the use of Branch & payment would be made by company. What would be the entry in the books of Branch ?

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Please answer me for the followings 1. i taken an office on January @ rent 28000.00 for one year and i paid 14000.00 as first payment balance will be paid on august. in tally how we post this and under which account especially balance 14000.0 under which account. 2.i have taken a loan from mr. A the amount is 100000.00 on January and the interest i need to pay on march 21000.00 the interest which iam going to pay is liability not a expense and it will be a expense in future, how we can post this also in tally and under which account. please somebody guide me who knows regards niyas es


How to pass an general entry for materials which are stored in warehouses??????

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what are your current financial and accounting projects? What is your role?


A Lorry driver damaged shed shutter and we deduct 2000/- from his freight amount now what is the head for the Deducted amount?



what is consumer product accoutning?


Why closing stock are not shown in trial balance?


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what is finance


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Tell me why some asset accounts have a credit balance?


what is wct ? who take its benefit? e.g. we are works contractor, we are liable to take its benefit or not..


Tell me what a deferred asset is and give an example?


Is it compulsary to give TOEFL for applying US visa.


What is accounting normalization?


What are document required by the bank to make payment for debit memo (Import). if we have allready made payment for orignal bill.


what is the Differed Tax Liability & How it is calculate ?


Private purchases amounting to rs 5000 have been debited to purchases account


when we purchase of tractors and two wheeler vehicle from other state what we get taxes exemptions


in trading credit why does goods sent on consignment come?


Can you help me to pass the journal entry for work in progress for a construction company? I would like to know the debit and credit for W.I.P will be under in which accounts head. Eg: debit will be in current asset a/c head, and credit will be under in which a/c in P&L? whether under purchase a/c head, or under direct income a/c head? please give me the details. Thanks for your previous answer?


What is the revenue recognition principle?


a person have to buy 2kg items out of 4 differnt price tag item i.e potatoo rs. 10 kg, onion rs. 5 kg , radish rs. 1 kg, and chilli rs. 1 kg in rs 10 how can he do


What is customer account?


Where do generally accruals appear on the balance sheet?