Accounting General Interview Questions
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ABC Ltd is a company. Can ABC ltd send debit note to debtors?. what are you situation to send debit note to debtors ?

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A has to pay to B Rs. 10000 but C pay pay Rs. 10000 to B on behalf of A. What will be the journal entry in all the three persons.

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what is addition of Opening Balance and net profit transfered from profit and loss account called?

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what is addition of Opening Balance and net profit transfered from profit and loss account called


Can TDS(Tax Deducted at source) expense be called Selling General and Administrative expense in Profit and loss statement,Or should it be included under head Provision for Taxation

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what is the meaning of profit and loss account


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In the case of stock transfer from one branch to another branch any reverse credit is applicable.


Why Capital is Posted in the credit side? Concept of it briefly .

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Sir, I am using Tally ERP 9 licensed. Company year 2012-2013. but dispaly in tally last date of entry 25.9.2021 pls help me sir...

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My company sent this party goods 62750 this goods is loss sundorbhan paribahan. how to create voucher


I am a service man.I want to submit my income tax return by efilling.Anybody can help me to do the same with the information to submit the file?




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what is the journal entry for gas connection taken by company for preparing tea and coffee.


x pay incentive to y with tds@10%.what is the journal entry in the books of x & y?


Richman Corporation has 120,000 shares of $5 par value common stock outstanding. It declared a 10% stock dividend on June 1 when the market price per share was $12. The shares were issued on June 30. Instructions: Prepare the necessary entries for the declaration and payment of the stock dividend.


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1)What is E-1 Sales (Sales in Transit) Full Guidence From Issue to receipient. 2) What is F Form How Are procedure


What is the rate of penalty charged when the given Vat Cheque dishonoured?


salary and rent entry with tds deduct


explain the relevance of closing stock account in trading a/c when preparing the gross profit?


What is difference between Lorry Receipt and Docket Number


Is there Disqualification of Auditor u/s 139 of Companies Act 2013 if the auditor is indebted towards the company to be appointed as an auditor, if amount exceeds more than Rs.1000 as against the provision related to Companies Act, 1956 ?


when we can submit Form-C to the Sales Tax Dept. What is the period to issue Form-C to the supplier


What is fitting and fixtures?


X draws a bill on Y for Rs 20,000 for 3 months on 1.1.05. The bill is discounted with banker at a charge of Rs 100. At maturity the bill return dishonoured. In the books of X, for dishonour, the bank account will be credited by Rs. (a) 19,900 (b) 20,000 (c) 20,100 (d) 19,800


Scope and nature of Accounting


A company purchase goods Rs.2000/- & input vat received rs.100/- but at the time he sold goods 1000/- as a sales & 1000/- as a sock transfer. plz tell me how much take input claim in this case.


What is WCT ? Who will Resposible for deposit WCT Means TDS Deductor or Material supplier. Is TDs applicable on WCT. Who will responsible for deposit WCT. I Am New For this Field. Thanks in advance...


what will be the treatment of preliminery expenses if due to preliminary expenses being written off there results a loss?


adams a debtor for R600 had been declared insolvent and part of his debts has to be written off. The attorneys informed you that an amount of 25c in the rand will be paid and the rest must be written off


Types of errors in account