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Accounting General Interview Questions
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what is interest on purchase consideration?

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hi to all what is the usage of legal enitiy in oracle apps r12. its functions. and why it is necessary plz answer my question as soon as possible

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what is mean by sample account and data transfer rule in SAP FI?


service tax calculated on agreement value or market value whichver is higher for builders?


What elements of your job do you find most difficult?


we have paid diwali bonus by chq.. pls let me know how to enter the same in tally and in under which head..Explain pls

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what do u mean by profit prior to incorporation

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what is single entry system

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what is prime cost &overhead cost


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How to calculate opening Balance of Profit and loss account

Capital IQ, TCS, TSC,

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I purchase a material with vat@4% and want to sale it to a bihar cliet.what will be charged as cst.Narrate me as brakewise.It is very urgent to mine.


Please Inform me the actual meaning & rate of C.S.T.,E.S.I.,Gift Tax,Service Tax,Excise duty,Professional Tax & Range of the same,Calculation of P.F. & F.P.F.

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I Want to Submit My Income tax return by efilling Personally,Can it possible. if yes please send me your help to submit the same.I Can calculate my computation of income.

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A manufacturer want to sale his product in Rs 110/ where his manufacturing cost is 100.what will be tax for the product in different way.If he want to sale his product outside the state then what will be the taxation way. I want to know as urgent.Hope you will describe me as brakewise statement with example.



cash with drawn from bank with issuing self check vide ch no.123456 how to enter in sap. please send answer anyone this is very helpful to me


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Write about the media role in daily life


Accounting for vc money in financials


what is t code of journal voucher report with amount?


What is an adjusting journal entry?


What is bad debt expense?


explain me what steps would you take to increase revenue for this company?


what is the entry to be made for vat when any purchase is made in that bill vat amount is included ?


Tell me how much statistics knowledge is necessary or required in accounting?


Please guide in details about Payroll in Tally.erp9??


how in the big companies the budget are prepared and controlled?


What is the definition of offset accounting?


how will you adjust voluntary seperation payment in cash flow statement


state (5) accounting concepts and give 1 example of each


Explain me the difference between public and private accounting?


How do I record a prior year property tax refund on sale of asset due to overvaluation