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Accounting General Interview Questions
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export sales contract and domestic sales contract? india's trade in commercial services?


adjustment entry showing in tally such as outstanding salary prepaid salary etc.


what is BRS

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What is the diffrent job&project accounting?


At the time of depreciation run we selected actual dep key is 5% but we taken 7% so the depreciation was posted wrongly how to rectify it?



Can we transfer balance on gl a/c to another Gl a/c if what is the process steps and tr code?

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accounting principles, accounting concepts,meaning of managment and financial accounting and cost accounting.



what is minority interest

Capital IQ,

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what do you mean by cash profit

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In what way does option issuer benefit

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when we can submit Form-C to the Sales Tax Dept. What is the period to issue Form-C to the supplier


Mr.A repaired a printer of a company and charge a bill of Rs.1200? The company paid Mr.A cheque of Rs.1080 and deduct Rs.120 in TDS after couple of day Mr.A received TDS certificate from the company. pass all the entries in the books of accounts.


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what are the steps for the payment cycle of the firm or company?

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. Expenses a/c. Dr. To vendor a/c. Cr. What is an impact of this transaction on business


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What is the difference between P&L account and Balance Income & Expenditure account ??

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What is double-entry accounting? Explain with an example?


what is account reconcillation


Explain different branches of accounting?


What is process of Vendor Reconciliation and which items will be Add and Less from ad per customer books likes step by step 1-Credit Note shown in vendor a/c but not booked in our a/c- Add or Less 2-Debit Note not shown in vendor a/c but booked in our a/c - Add or Less 3-Invoices not booked in our a/c but shown in vendor a/c- Add or Less 4-Payment booked in our books but not shown vendor- Add or Less If our balance is plus or minus rules is same. like 20000, (-20000) Sir, Provide your mobile n for clarify


Hi I would like to know what is journal entry for buying securities with Margin Trading I mean 50% of cost is paid by broker. 2nd question is when we withdraw extra money from the balance we have in bank account which means our balance become (-) what is journal entry for that, should I just credit the bank or should I put the extra money with-drawled as a liability account ? Thank you in advance!


Regarding vat return,I have 3 units can i return at a time for 3 units vat return only one vat form. Kindly suggetion the same how to do.


1.recivable and payble,tds,esi


what is the meaning of written-off as goodwill written-off


Explain what qualities and skills make an account manager successful?


if my salary is 12000 per month how much i will get after deducting PF an ESI


List the type of transactions entered in journal proper.


Pass the journal entry: rent outstanding


How do you build a successful business relationship?


How will I post entries to Tally If I purchased a Car in Loan. The principal Amount = 62930 Interest = 6846 Total = 69776 We have to pay Rs 1191 every month for 4 years which include Principle amount and interest. how can I post the monthly entries to tally


what is contribution? how does it help in taking managerial decisions?