Physics Interview Questions
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How can you change the colors of the lasers and is one color stronger that the other?

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What are some major characteristics of a pulsar?

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What is your definition of a quasar?

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Einstein said that if something could travel at light speed its mass would duplicate. How could it be?

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What is dark matter?

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What is dark energy?

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Do neutrinos have mass?

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Are there new states of matter at ultrahigh temperatures and densities?

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Are protons unstable?

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What is gravity?

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How did the Universe begin?

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Is a new theory of light and matter needed to explain what happens at very high energies and temperatures?


What is the Casimir Effect?

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What is Hawking Radiation?

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What causes sonoluminescence?

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Un-Answered Questions { Physics }

how does fog forms...???


Why countdown while firing a aeroplane?


the greatest diversity of animal and plant species occurs in


Can i work 240 volt 1400 watts 1 ton ac with 24 volt battery..! How..?


the question from which area of physics in ONGC Written examination in physics can we expect more?


what are application of paleosols.? Write at least 10 to 12 lines with meanningful sentences .


what is the principle used in electromagnetic spectrum?and why there is a necessary of having an electron with unpaired spins?and how the uncertainity principle is used to determine the frequency of an spectral lines ?


how help physics in bank


what is difference b/w scr &rectifier&mechanism of triac experiment


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Layers of atmosphere inversion of temperature is noticed in toposphere or in statosphere ?


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what are the significances of maxwell's thermodynamic equations.


For measuring weight of 2cm3 piece of density 4gm/cm3 which spring balance is best suited what is the range and least count how we calculate


How many types of faults occur in power system?Write all types?