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ORA-06706: TLI Driver: service not found

1 1628

ORA-06707: TLI Driver: connection failed

1 1561

ORA-06708: TLI Driver: message receive failure

1 1431

ORA-06709: TLI Driver: message send failure

1 1542

ORA-06710: TLI Driver: send interrupt break message failed

1 2137

ORA-06711: TLI Driver: error on bind

1 1551

ORA-06712: TLI Driver: error on accept

1 1478

ORA-06713: TLI Driver: error on connect

1 1588

ORA-06720: TLI Driver: SID lookup failure

1 1598

ORA-06721: TLI Driver: spurious client req

1 1886

ORA-06722: TLI Driver: connection setup failure

1 1496

ORA-06730: TLI Driver: unable to open clone device

1 1463

ORA-06731: TLI Driver: cannot alloc t_call

1 1360

ORA-06732: TLI Driver: cannot alloc t_discon

1 1666

ORA-06733: TLI Driver: failed to receive disconnect

1 1542

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//jobname positional parms,keyword parms,.... Restart=step3 //.. //.. //.. //step3 exec=xxxx //... //step4 exec=yyyy,cond=(0,Le,step3) //.. //step5 exec=zzzz Restart =step 3 executes step3.Step 3 gives some return code.In step 4,the test is passed as 0 is less than step 3.So step 4 is bypassed and is not executed. and the program is responsible for issuing the return code that was not even loaded in the main storage. The result: no return code can exist In the steps that follow any test of COND parameter tat attempts to interrogate this non-existent return code will be ignored . Step 5 will be e executed. IN THIS EXAMPLE WHAT DOES XXXX YYYY ZZZZ MEAN?? PLEASE CAN ANYONE SAY...


what is new g/l functionality


What is the major use of Servelet


hp asking for replication floppy to do reinstall 25254 server assistant


hi pp gurus, when i do the goods receipt through transiction MIGO the system, gives following error. I filled up all information that needs MIGO transiction. the error is: "Account determination for entry INT GBB___AUF 7900 not possible." can any one suggest me what to do now?


IMG-02003: 2FF03 - incorrect color histogram feature specification


hi can any one tell me.... do we need to use color catridge also in HP Deskjet 630C series printer.... i have kept only black catridge but its not working.......


hi, i am trying to do modular test tree in winrunner but i am getting error like "Error in the Expression list",can you please tell e what kind of error is this? thanks.


Jetking is C C


Hi, I am trying to encode data from flatfile and then to decode the encoded data to original form. Procedures that I followed:- 1. Encoded the field 'A_ID' using AES_ENCRYPT(A_ID,'abd') in the expression transformation. The A_ID got encoded in the output table(oracle) 2. To decode this back I used AES_DECRYPT(A_ID,'abd'). But after executing the workflow, I am not getting any data in output. can anybody tell me how to decrypt the encoded data back to original form ??


ORA-16627: No standby databases support the overall protection mode.


I have got one job selection order from DECON ENGG(HRD), he told me to send 2000 rs of demand draff i have send the demand draff after some time a got a job selection order in banglore but he have written that u have to give 550 rs of Guidency fees in bangalore i dont understant what to do


i want a list of top 10 nationalized banks in inda....can some expects help me???


Any body can tel me how to display a Frame Link of a page in Another Frame? For Clearance of my dought..... I designed a BSP page with 3 frames as shown below. -------------------------------- | | | Frame 1 | | | -------------------------------- | Frame 2 | Frame 3 | | | | | Link 1 | | | Link 2 | | | Link 3 | | | | | -------------------------------- Now in Frame 1 i displayed one page.. And in Frame 2 i displayed one page with some links. Now when i clicked on any Link in Frame 2 that corresponding Page has to display in Frame 3. In general HTML i know...But in BSP i don't know that much since i am new to this... plz any solutions...thanks a lot.... Regards, Shankar.


[ERROR] [main 11:01:20] ( Unsuccessful: alter table user.CEN_USER_MASTER add constraint FKF4EDEDC3D0BAAE75 foreign key (ROLE_ID) references user.CEN_ROLE_MASTER [ERROR] [main 11:01:20] ( ORA-02275: such a referential constraint already exists in the table