ERRORS Interview Questions
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ORA-06706: TLI Driver: service not found

1 1792

ORA-06707: TLI Driver: connection failed

1 1725

ORA-06708: TLI Driver: message receive failure

1 1559

ORA-06709: TLI Driver: message send failure

1 1674

ORA-06710: TLI Driver: send interrupt break message failed

1 2283

ORA-06711: TLI Driver: error on bind

1 1676

ORA-06712: TLI Driver: error on accept

1 1615

ORA-06713: TLI Driver: error on connect

1 1768

ORA-06720: TLI Driver: SID lookup failure

1 1756

ORA-06721: TLI Driver: spurious client req

1 2014

ORA-06722: TLI Driver: connection setup failure

1 1658

ORA-06730: TLI Driver: unable to open clone device

1 1612

ORA-06731: TLI Driver: cannot alloc t_call

1 1523

ORA-06732: TLI Driver: cannot alloc t_discon

1 1867

ORA-06733: TLI Driver: failed to receive disconnect

1 1674

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well i dont have toefl and gre scor all that stuff, and i have 7 backlogs, tell me the chances of getting the visa.


What is the meaning of lock escalation and why/how to stop this?


i have SAP B1 in my work area When i am try to hold the particular item the following ERRORS display in my System (This entry already exists in the following tables '' (AIT1) (ODBC -2035) [Message 131-183])


after going to service throw to administrator tools service promp are not opening


What is SCD (Slowly Changing Dimensions)? What are its types?


When I look for mannual enry of any of the command in Unix, such as #man ls, I get a message "Reformatting entry. Wait..." and control comes to a next command prompt. what is the problem?


I am Recording the QTP Script..the Script is below VbWindow("mdiPP").VbWindow("frmPOSOLocking").ActiveX ("SSTab").VbListView("lstPO").SetItemState "272 [10-11]", micChecked. After when when Run then give error property not found.


Answers for Complete This Song B_C_A_A _IL K_A KA_E, S__AN J__E B__D_ J__E


quoroum of computer languages?


hi, i am trying to do modular test tree in winrunner but i am getting error like "Error in the Expression list",can you please tell e what kind of error is this? thanks.


write a database figure to implement the master detained relationship.


how can i get the question papers of year 2006 and 2007 of 12th commerce gujarat board


java.sql.SQLException:Invalid state, the statement object is closed Hai all i got this error when i am multiple times referesh web page


A sample program using data structure? what is file handling?


IMP-00063: Warning: Skipping table "string"."string" because object type "string"."string" cannot be created or has different identifier