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AMD-00115: PROCEDURE string, invalid file handle

1 1855

AMD-00116: PROCEDURE string, read error

1 1649

AMD-00117: input file "string" not found

1 1468

AMD-00118: output file "string" already exists

1 2116

AMD-00119: analytic workspace dimensions not specified in input

1 2041

AMD-00120: dimension #string: analytic workspace dimension name not specified

1 1662

AMD-00121: dimension #string: analytic workspace hierarchy not specified

1 1881

AMD-00122: dimension #string: analytic workspace hierarchy dimension not specified

1 1739

AMD-00123: dimension #string: analytic workspace hierarchy dimension value not specified

1 1606

AMD-00124: dimension #string: analytic workspace GID variable not specified

1 2056

AMD-00125: dimension #string: analytic workspace column level dimension not specified

1 1739

AMD-00126: dimension #string: analytic workspace column level relation not specified

1 1697

AMD-00127: dimension #string: RDBMS dimension column not specified

1 1718

AMD-00128: dimension #string: RDBMS parent column not specified

1 1498

AMD-00129: dimension #string: RDBMS GID column not specified

1 1937

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IMP-00070: Lob definitions in dump file are inconsistent with database.


IMP-00063: Warning: Skipping table "string"."string" because object type "string"."string" cannot be created or has different identifier


ORA-26028: index string.string initially in unusable state


ORA-26079: file "string" is not part of table string.string


How will you Handle Error in SQL SERVER 2008?


Hi guys, I have four tables those are emp,dept,eliminate and uneliminate. i wrote small cursor..when i run, it display one error (ORA-01403 nodata found)... The query is: Declare cursor c1 is select e.ename emp_name from emp e,dept d where e.deptno=d.deptno group by deptno; r1 c1%rowtype; test_emp varchar2(200); begin for r1 in c1 loop begin select eliminate_emp into test_emp from eliminate t,uneliminate ut where t.number=ut.number and t.deptno=e.deptno and rownum<1; end; dbms_output.put_line(r1.emp_name); end loop; end; Thanks...


ORA-26027: unique index string.string partition string initially in unusable state


ORA-26032: index string.string loading aborted after string keys


NZE-28868: Peer certificate chain check failed.


how to run the application using winrunner for data driven test?


What is the difference between return code and completion code. When i was searching in the direct for the problem, the following errors displayed. Please can any1 explain these. Completion Code => 4 Message Id => XXDR012I Short Text => XDR field overflow. Key=SER. Len=8. Completion Code => 8 Message Id => XSQF009I Short Text => Sys call open() failed.Filename=/opt/apps/cdt3/USA/outbound/CD810O.errno=17. Completion Code => 8 Message Id => XCPR010I Short Text => Open failed for copy in OPEN_DEST_DATA. Errno=17. can you explain those 3 completion codes and also with difference between return code and completion code


Write down the difference between c. Loop and goto statement d. (!0) and (!1) e. (1= =! 1) and (1!=1) f. NULL and !NULL


When I look for mannual enry of any of the command in Unix, such as #man ls, I get a message "Reformatting entry. Wait..." and control comes to a next command prompt. what is the problem?


can u deactivate my music massage from mobily? some times i recharge my a/c then after sometimes one massage come and sr.4/- debited from my account. so please help me stop the massage about music or what. i don't know stop them please.from yesterday i have lose sr.8/- from my account.


In my project I am using star schema and only diimension tables are loaded and not fact tables any one can help me why it is happening? Plase guide me.